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“The World Can’t Breathe” With United States Systemic Racism and Injustice Against The Weak.

1. While we convey our sympathy to the victims of the US incidences of white police brutality against black people, it is clear now the ongoing protests in the United States is not just about a black person killed by a white officer, but it is a rage against a system which is inherently plagued with injustice and violence.

2. The horror of witnessing George Floyd, an unarmed black man, killed by white police at Minneapolis, reflects how racism is steep in the mindset of the US police force in the so-called nation of liberty and freedom.

3. The outrage triggering mass demonstrations and consequently curfews in cities shows how people in the US are now in defiant against the system that has for so long deprived justice not only for the blacks but also for other people of coloured skin.

4. With the current situation of violence in the US, amid the highest cases and death of Covid-19, even in the capital city of Washington and surrounding the White House, the unveiling of anger against the double standard and hypocrisy of the US policies can no longer be ignored.

5. The latest development also automatically disqualifies the U.S to lecture other countries on freedom and justice to the world. Donald Trump’s threat to deploy military tanks on the streets to quell demonstrators reflects how the president has now willing to turn the US into a nation ruled by military and thugs. Even media teams and journalists are not spared by the police and national guards. This is an affront to the freedom of the press to exercise its democratic role.

6. There are a few parallelisms between what is occurring in the U.S. and to other parts of the world.

7. When Floyd’s neck was pressured by the knee of the police who murdered him, the world must realise how the US’s “knee” through its foreign policy has also for so long pressured the lifeline of so many other poor countries.

8. We must underscore the fact that – when George Floyd begged ‘I can’t breathe,’ other countries facing the same situation. The world should not forget how US forces in Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan and its allies have killed millions of civilians. The US has inflicted sufferings upon millions and millions of lives in its expansionist policies. Its unilateral decision to sanction or inflict economic devastation on nations that resist its policies has been clear.

9. The US citizens must realize, White House policy-makers promote injustice, violence, state-sponsored terrorism, and inequity not only against the blacks but other foreign nations that refuse to align with US policies. The U.S oppresses through using its military against people of other skin colours in different parts of the world.

10. The US foreign policies and actions are even fouler than the murder of George Floyd by the white police. The US often projects itself as different from other nations and cannot be judged by the same standard as other countries – reflect its hypocrisy about justice and liberty.

11. It must be reminded, the US embraces itself with the notion of American exceptionalism of the so-called Manifest Destiny, a cultural belief widely held in the 19th century United States that its settlers were destined to expand across North America.

12. This belief of the special status of the US held since its founding implies its disregard for the international norms, rules, and laws. The US refused to ratify important international treaties that reflects its imperialist policies. It has declined to sign the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, and American Convention on Human Rights; it did not join the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention; routinely conducts drone attacks and cruise missile strikes around the globe.

13. This is the hypocrisy of the US as the world knows it. The US keeps a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons while at the same time urging other nations not to be nuclearised. Despite Iran complying with the Nuclear Deal in the JCPA, the US has withdrawn from the agreement and impose stricter sanctions on Iran. The world stood by witnessing the US assassination of Iran’s commander, Qasem Suleimani.

14. At the murder scene of George Floyd, the other cops who were complicit, when they remained silent and stood by to the murder.

15. To us, this reflects how the world community is equally complicit in ignoring the US supported Israel in its continuous bombing on Gaza, chocking and giving Palestinians no air to breathe under its land, sea and air siege.

16. Similarly, the world community has been on the side-lines observing US attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. World leaders had only words of condemnation but failed to stop the US involvement in the wars in Somalia, Yemen, and Syria. US support of India in attacking Pakistan on the disputed territory of Jammu Kashmir killing civilians is continued unchecked.

17. Racism and police brutality in the US seem to be synonymous. The systematic disadvantaging of the coloured race even amongst its citizens speaks volumes about the US utter hypocrisy of its so call system that supposedly protests equality and freedom of people.

18. We condemn the brutal way the police and national guards of the US are handling the protest. The random arrest and shooting of protestors prove that US security recognizes no respect for human rights.

19. We abhor Trump’s threat to deploy the military to crack down and enforce Marshall law on the civilian protest. His high-handed way of handling the uprising is not only condemned but will burn the US.

20. Trump has shown his failure to handle critical storms facing the US now: the Covid-19 pandemic, the huge over 40 million unemployment, the meltdown of the economy, the systemic racism, and a divided US. It is now the Disunited States of America.

21. Trump’s brandishing of the bible and taking a photo in front of a church and the monument of the Pope in Washington is nothing more of his show of using religion to justify his inhuman treatment and terrorizing civilians for standing up against his destructive policies of division and fascism.

22. The US administration is corrupting the planet earth with its fanning of racism, the arrogance of power, and its prevailing imperialist agenda, that the world community must rise together with the American people who are demanding justice and accountability.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations.

Endorsed by:

Datuk Seri Ahmad Awang

Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin

Syed Syekh Al Attas
President sejagat

Nasir Zakaria
President Ummah Care

Johan Arif
Chair IReach

Masadah Sajadi
International Affairs Chief
SALIMAH, Malaysia.

Shamsul Kamal

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