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We call on the BDS movement to boycott Israel to intensify its campaign in defiance of the US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo’s labelling the movement as anti-semitic

The boycott must ignore this satanic call by Pompeo refering to the global pro-Palestinian movement ‘a cancer’.

His announcement plan to visit the occupied Golan Heights is in itself a cancerous move that must trigger a strong resistance by the Syrians.

He is an outgoing state secretary that is taking full advantage before the President elect Joe Biden administration takes over.

He himself is a malignent cancer that is trying to spread Trump’s disease from Washington to Israel.

The fact that Pompeo has spefically targeted the BDS movement , shows the impact the movement has achieved on israel.

Mike Pompeo even announced his plan to visit the illegal settlement in occupied West Bank which will set a ‘dangerous precedent’.

We support the BDS campaign to economically pressure Israel into providing equal rights and a right of return to Palestinians.

We call for the continued boycotting of businesses and academic and cultural institutions that have either a direct or indirect affiliation with Israel.

We urge all civil societies around the world to joint the campaign to boycott companies associated with illegal Jewish settlements, those that provide services to the occupation, companies exploiting natural resources from Palestinian land and those that use Palestinians as cheap labour.

The campaign must target the more than 200 companies linked directly or indirectly to illegal settlements, mostly from Israel and the US but also Germany and the Netherlands , identified by the UN human rights office.

We condemn Pompeo’s planned visit to the Golan Heights which is a “blatant attack” on the sovereignty of Syria.

We also vehemently condemn his visit to the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

US is feeding a cancerous israel in the Middle East.

The world must pressure Joe Biden to alter the destructive policies of Trump on the Palestinian rights of sovereignty and their alienable rights to reclaim their land.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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