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We call on the UN Security Council to act against Israel’s biffing up its rhetoric of a strike on Iran.

Israel’s obvious option for war will undermine the process for a peacefull negotiation between Iran the parties concern.

It is disturbing that the world organization is keeping silence on Israel’s agressive plan to attack Iran.

The UN cannot be silent amid the threat of israel to launch a strike on Iran as this is a provocation that will set a precedence for a military confrontation in the region.

Israel is playing with fire and all consideration for war to israel is imminent. Israel is reported to commence a full simulation for war to prepare for an assault. UN must take a pre-emptive measure to halt israel from venturing into full fledge military conflict.

We register our concern that the failure for the international community to stop the hawkish policy of israel towards Iran will deem a dangerous precursor for a regional conflict.

The recent strike on the Syrian port indicates that israel is on a high preparation to strike at Iran.

We demand UN to immediately call for israel to stop its dangerous venture to launch an attack. Signs of an israel offensive is getting clearer. Ignoring them will be a grave mistake.

We remind the international community to be alert of israel’s pursuit of a military operation which will set a wider world conflict.

We reaffirm that Iran has the right to defend itself from any regressive assault on its territory.

Iran’s readiness to actively involve in the nuclear negotiation is proper and in accordance with the international framework for peace.

Any military action by israel to break the negotiation should be responded with an appropriate international pressure to take israel to be fully accountable for any consequences of war.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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