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53rd Year of Occupation – Reclaiming Al Quds is a Priority

Today June 7 th we register our solidarity with Muslims worldwide on the 53rd commemoration of the Israeli occupation of Al Quds (Naksah Day). It marks the anniversary of “illegal occupation” of Al-Quds by Israel in 1967. The sanctity of Al Quds and the Al Aqsa Mosque was and still is rampaged by the Zionis with full backing by the western superpowers.

The Palestinian people have been subjected to the most hideous assault. The occupation and the consequent devastating war of annihilation have destroyed lives, property as well as humanitarian and national rights.

Besides the Israeli onslaughts, which go unabated, shrines and sanctuaries were also targeted. Israel has no intention of respecting other holy sites.

We are aware of the ultimate aim of israel to have full control over the sacred areas of the Holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa, and along with declarations and threats to partition the holy shrine , Al-Quds Al-Sharif.

We fully support the e-campaign day for the liberation of Al Quds. This is a continous effort to keep fresh our collective memory of an occupation over Baitul Maqdis by a foreign force and by which we remind ourselves about our duty to liberate and regain our rights on the holy land.  

Today will be remembered as a “black day” due to Israel”s “illegal occupation” of Palestine, depriving Palestinians of their homeland and fundamental rights.

We condemn the continued assault on Al Aqsa by israel in its Judaization plan of the holy sites both in space and in time to uproot the Islamic identity of Al Quds.  

We reaffirm the regaining of Al-Quds, the third holiest mosque in Islam, is and should be our top priority in the struggle of the Muslims globally.

We call all Muslims to unite to strive for the liberation of Al Quds which was occupied over 5 decades ago. The Muslim leaders should not be allowed to be tools of the Zionist and western powers to overide the resolutions declared on the legitimate demand of liberating Al Quds from the Zionist.

No normalization with israel should be compromised and those who submit to the peaceful relations with israel are traitors to the struggle of liberating Al Quds. 

The commemoration also relates to the humanitarian tragedy experienced by the Palestinian people as a result of the wantonly aggression which resulted in the occupation of their land, uprooting them from it and turning them into refugees within and without their own ancestral land. 

The aggression was also an attempt to obliterate the national identity and the rights Palestinians over their land. 

Throughout the past five decades israel tried to conceal the Palestinian truth from the awareness of the international community.

The annexation plan of the West Bank announced by Netanyahu and supported by the US must be resisted with the strongest protest from the international community.

We reject strongly and express our unreserve objection to the Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century and condemn the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital city of israel. All the policies of israel in relations to its occupation of Palestine supported by the US which are against international laws are criminal policies.

We call the people of the world to render the valiant Palestinian people to consolidate their political identity among the community of nations and pursue their efforts to consecrate their freedom, independence and sovereignty over their national soil.

We urge the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and take immediate action to ensure international protection of the Palestinian people and to apply maximum pressure against israel to withdraw from Al Quds and all Palestinian lands.

We call all international and regional organizations to unite in demanding the United Nations, the international Security Council and every world forum to institute the legitimate right of the Palestnians. 

The legitimate rights include the rights of return, self-determination and the establishment of the Palestinians’ own independent Palestinian state in their national soil with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital. Such is the unshakeable foundation for just and overall peace to prevail in the area.

We reiterate our call for all the resolutions and decisions of the “international legality” in the UN , OIC and other international forums pertaining to Al-Quds in the Palestine and the Arab-Israeli conflict are implemented.

  • Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid President MAPIM
  • Dr Syarif Abu Shammala Director Al Quds Foundation Malaysia 
  • Datuk Seri Ahmad Awang Chair Alliance of World Mosque in Defence of Al Aqsa. 
  • Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin Chair Secretariate Ulama Assembly of Asia 
  • Syed Syekh Al Attas Chair President SEJAGAT


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