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In no ambigous term we condemn vehemently the recent murder of a person in front of his grandson by the Indian troops in Srinagar Kashmir.

We are outraged by the horrendous killing of an unarmed civilian in front of his grandson by Indian CRPF Forces in Sopore, Srinagar, July 01.

The shocking images of a 3-year old boy whose grandfather was killed in the Sopore attack on Wednesday morning, is a clear barbaric crime.

The civilian , Bashir Ahmed Bashir was gunned downed by Indian CRPF party in the model town area of Sopore in north Kashmir.

The civilian identified as Bashir Ahmed Qasid, reflects the years of state terrorism by India.

This is inhuman and brutal. To kill a person infront of his 3 year old grandson by troops heavily armed shows how India does not give any qualm of murdering any Kashmiri civilians they choose to.

The son of the 51- year old, has said that his father was brought down from the vehicle and shot dead by the Indian Force personnel when he was travelling.

The fact that killings by Indian troops are becoming more rampant and uninvestigated, only depicts the policy of genocide by the indian government.

We call for a strong intervention by the world community. This horific incident cannot be treated as an isolated case. It is executed as a matter of policy of the Indian government to instill fear on the Kashmiris.

The UN cannot be silent and actionless. Human rights violations and population cleansing of Kashmir by Indian troops are becoming more frequent.

We urge UN to call for the UNSC for a specific meeting to prevail upon India to abide by the international law on the Kashmir dispute.

India must be held fully responsible for the treacherous crimes of its troops against the Kashmiris.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

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