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Today , we the members of the Malaysian Kashmir Youth Movement and the Malaysian Women’s Action Group for Kashmir , with the presence of Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid, President of the Malaysian Consultative Movement of Islamic Organizations , Datuk Seri Shekh Ahmad Awang , Chairman Alliance of World Mosque in Defence of Al Aqsa, Datuk Wira Shekh Abdul Ghani Samsuddin , Chair Secretariate Assembly of Ulama of Asia, collectively endorse that :

▪Realising the atrocities of the India Occupation Forces in Jammu Kashmir are crimes against humanity,

▪Cognizant that India has abrogated the rights of the Kashmir people for self determination ,

▪Confirming that the Kashmiri cause for freedom and justice is a legitimate cause and should be fully supported by world civil societies,

▪Taking note that the freedom of Kashmiris is an inalienable right that is recognized by international law and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights,

▪Aware that the brutality endured by Kashmiri civilians by the Indian occupation forces is condemned by civil organizations locally and internationally,

▪Conscious of the Hindutva agenda from the ruling BJP of India is the source of the crisis that aims to convert the demographic status of the Kashmir population,

▪Reaffirming that India’s refusal to refer to the UN resolution 47 to implement the plebiscite to allow Kashmiris to decide their own future is the core of the crisis.

The Malaysian Women Action Group on Kashmir and the Malaysian Kashmir Youth Movement hereby declare that :

▪The occupation of India on Kashmir is illegal and against international  law,

▪The barbaric act of killing, injuring, raping and torturing of Kashmiris must be condemned and resisted,

▪The brutal act of demolishing homes and detention of Kashmiris at will, under the pretext of clamping down on terrorists is strongly rejected and condemned,

▪The destruction of the normal lives of Kashmir civilians with the imposition of the inhuman lockdown for more than a year since 5th August 2019 must end ,

▪We reject the India’s narrative of terrorism as the cause for the continous occupation of Jammu Kashmir

We register our statement of solidarity with the people of Jammu Kashmir to stand together in the spirit of human brotherhood to demand for :

▪Justice and freedom
▪Dismantle the lockdown
▪Right for self determination
▪Establish an independent investigation on military and police violence and crime against humanity,
▪Resist all violence
▪Right to defend against aggression,
▪Right to resume normality of daily livelihood
▪Reject the demographic change of Kashmir
▪Resume the connection of all internet line
▪Release all detainess
▪Withdraw all India occupation forces
▪Compensate all loses due to military violence
▪ Access to legal recourse to seek for justice,
▪Freedom of media to access to information and testimonies of victims of India military violation of human rights,
▪Protection of vulnarable women and children.

Fadhil Yusni
Malaysia Kashmir Youth Movement

Rosiah Salleh
Chair Malaysian Women Action Group for Kashmir

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