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We the NGOs of Malaysia and the Asean People’s  Advocacy Group are announcing the launching of the countdown to commemorate the “Kashmir Black Day” for this year  on the 27th October 2020.

This is an important occasion to commemorate as one of the darkest day of modern history where hundred of thousands of the Kashmiri lives were massacred by the Indian occupation troops on the 27th October 1947.

On the black day of the most henious crime against humanity, Indian troops executed a mass killing parallel to no other under the eyes of the British colonial power. 

On that day and few subsequent days, the screams of women and childrens been slaughtered with impunity by the troops, leaves no space for many to seek refuge. The Indian troops were so overwhelmed in numbers that Kashmir was described as the most militarized zone in the world until this very moment. 

As the voices of victims ring in the ears of the people , they cannot but recap what they endured :
” You go to any home, and they tell you a story how their brother, son, and husband was killed and how they continue to face the atrocities of the army. We continue to live the repercussions of the day that gave birth to this conflict,” said Javed Ahmad, 55, whose grocery shop remained shut on Friday in the region’s main city as a sign of protest. 

This mark the India’s annexation of the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir 73 years ago.India forcibly occupied the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir in 1947  dismissing the will of the residents. 

We observe this day as a day of protest and conveying our solidarity of support for the right of self determination and freedom for the Kashmiris.

We affirm that many Malaysians and people of Asean are not fully aware of the level of sufferings of the Kashmiris from the aggression of the India occupation forces that led to a protracted dispute in the region as well as the wide violation of human rights. 

Neither are our national public knows of the blatant violation of the UN Security Council resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir. 

We have decided that the Kashmir Black Day needs to be remembered as an important day to remind the world how a military brute force of India was given a free hand to decimate hundred of thousands of defenseless population with impunity and under the full knowledge of the imperialist British rule.

We agreed to make this commemoration to inspire the freedom fighters of Kashmir and to convey to the victims of India’s injustice that the Kashmir cause is as legitimate as the Palestinian cause.

The sheer militarization of Jammu and Kashmir by India with more than 500,000 troops is a clear show of India’s apetite for its grand expansion into the disputed territory of Kashmir

The injustice by India has been pepertrated on the Kashmiris for more than 7 decades and the lives of the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir has been de-valued as lesser human beings to be shot, bitten, tortured, mutilated and murdered on a daily basis.

We have drawn a list of public awareness programs for building up the momentum as the count down begins :

1. Youth Webinar with prominent scholars and activists ion ” Justice for Kashmir “

2. An Ngo Meeting ” The Kashmir Day 

3. Malaysian Women’s Action Day for Kashmir

4. Fly the Kashmir Flag

5.  Walk for Kashmir Black Day

6. Special prayer and Khutbah on the Kashmir Black Day 

1. Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations,
President Sekretariat Insof Dunia,
Coordinator Asean People’s Advocacy Group for Kashmir 

2. Fadhil Yusni
Chair Malaysia Kashmir Youth Movement

3. Rosiah Salleh
Chair Malaysian Women Action Group for Kashmir

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