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We stand firm that Muslims and people of the Southeast Asia region reject normalization with Israel.

This is our unequivocal statement in the Southeast Asia region to oppose any acceptance of the status of Israel or any diplomatic relations directly or indirectly with it.

We unresevedly do not compromise any move for any of the Islamic state in the region to open diplomatic relations with Israel.

The rumors that this decision is to be realized are getting stronger and therefore we register our firm and proactive position to prevent the deal from becoming a reality.

We urge all civil society organizations of the Muslim community and Ngos for peace and justice, to be firm and strongly reject and urge the governments of the States not to betray the Palestinian cause for justice and freedom.

Israel is the most condemned illegal state and had received the most critical resolutions from the UN General Assembly throughout 2020. How can the normalization deal be accepted by countries around the world with Israel that is notoriuos for violating all UN resolutions ?

Efforts to urge the Indonesian government to immediately open diplomatic relations with Israel are now said to be on the table.

We strongly oppose any consideration for Islamic countries in the region to be lured by the return of economic investment to a country that recognizes and establishes diplomatic relations with Israel.

Although the Indonesian government has officially shown no signs of wanting to normalize with Israel, the insistence to push it to agree on relations with Israel is now reported in the media.

We take seriously the statement by the Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ulama, Miftachul Akhyar, that there are several government officials who continue to work for the normalization deal with Israel.

We urge for the people of Indonesia to collectively call for the government to prevent the deal , as it is contrary to the Indonesian Constitution 1945 which rejects colonization.

We emphasize that Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world needs to be firm in its support of the Palestinian struggle to claim its independence. Indonesia cannot compromise on Israeli’s occupation of Palestine.

Any move to influence Indonesia with an investment offer from the United States should be rejected if it is related to the conditions of normalization with Israel.

We vehemently reject the statement of Adam Boehler, the CEO of US International Development Finance (DFC) who reportedly said Indonesia would be awarded development assistance if it openly acknowledges Israel.

According to a media report, it is clear that the administration of US President Donald Trump is working hard to build up a momentum amongst Islamic countries to accept israel.

This is targeted amongst influential Islamic countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia in the normalization agenda with Israel.

America is now the mastermind for locking the deal between countries and israel by luring investment offers as an award to change the Islamic State’s stance on Israel.

We remind the Islamic state leaders of Asean that allowing foreign powers to manipulate the region for the benefit of Israel is a dangerous move.

We emphasize that realizing the Israeli agenda in Islamic countries in the region will invite conflicts that could have major implications for regional stability.

Indonesia needs to stand firm so as not to comprise its principles as been staged by some Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President, Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations.
Coordinator , Asean Citizen’s Coalition for Palestine

Datuk Seri Ahmad Awang
Chair Alliance of World Mosque in Defence of Al Aqsa

Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chair Secretariat of the Ulama Assembly of Asia

Mohideen Abdul Kader
Director of Citizens International

Muslim Imran
President of Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia

Syed Sheikh Al Atas
Secretary General, Palestinian Secretariat of Malaysia.

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