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Today we are launching a forum on the Uyghuir issue called URGE Forum (Urghuirs Against Genocide Forum)

The objective is to focus on the issue of the plight of the the Uyghuir community who is undergoing a suppressive policy by the PRC of China.

The ongoing predicament of the Uyghuir community since the occupation of China on the native land of the Uyghuir in 1949 has been out of the radar of the world community, making it as one of the longest protracted conflicts in China.

We are of the position that the world community cannot be silenced from expressing the plight of the Uyghuirs even though China has persistently denied that the Uyghuirs are treated unjustly.

The platform is established and aimed at initiating a consistent campaign to highlight the Uyghuirs’ bleak future to reclaim its dignity and rights to its existence as a free citizen and to live a life of equality and justice.

We express our deep concern on the regular news of the Uyghuirs under the oppressed policies of the Chinese government. The genocidal measures by China, inflicted on the Uyghuirs are claims testified by the victims but has always been counter narrated by China as western propaganda.

This forum will engage in the various activities to expose and highlight the untold stories of the Uyghuir victims of torture and inhuman treatment by the Chinese authorities.

Cognizant of the counter narratives by the Chinese government we are detemined to highlight the testimonies of the victims to demand that the Uyghuirs’ human rights must be restored.

The so-called re-education camps of more than 1 million Uyghuirs are been claimed by the Chinese goverment as a program to curb extremisim. However, inaccesibility to allow foreign journalists to have free and direct interviews to examine the state of the detained Uyghuirs, raise the questions of the so-called Uyghuirs re- education program.

We are calling the Muslim nations to be firm in their position to address the issues of the Uyghuir. The economic awards by China cannot be compromised with the denial of the rights of the Uyghuirs.

We call for civil societies around the world to send a strong message to the Chinese government to halt the impunity and restore the rights of the Uyghuirs for equal treatment and justice.

We abhore the measure to treat highhandedly against the Uyghuirs on a pretext of cracking down the alleged separatist movement and lebelling them terrorists.

China cannot submit to the western Islamophobic policies in dealing with the Muslims. The narrative to perceive Islam as a religion of violance is wrong and must be rectified.

We call for a negotiating process to mediate a peaceful solution to the more than 70 years of China’s intrusion into the East Turkistan which had been converted into Xinjiang.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM
Secretary General SHURA

Datuk Wira Syekh Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chairman Secretariate for the Ulama Assembly of Asia.

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