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The reiteration of the two state solution to us , is against all realities on the ground in the occupied territories of West Bank and in the besieged Gaza.

Since the 1993 Oslo Accord , zionist israel has being buying time to complete its total occupation of all remaining lands of the Palestinians.

In reality the one state rule of the zionist regime is in effect and fully functioning under the apartheid system.

The world cannot be foolled by the regime , when in full sight the illegal settlement of Jews on Palestinian lands are continuing aggressively.

The zionist regime does not have any intention of returning the lands they consfiscated by force. The demolition of Palestinian homes and eviction from their land marks the determination of the regime that there will be only one state and that is israel. Palestinians will be a subjugated people under the apartheid law and their population will be diminished.

While Joe Biden said he is committed to assist the rebuilding of Gaza , he obviously dismissed what the zionist israel had accomplished of destroying Gaza with US weapons and the ongoing uncomprising blockade of Gaza.

What Biden wants to conveniently ignore is the fundamental question of occupation. His position of israel’s right to self defence does not equate with israel’s state terrorism that has been its character demonstrated since its illegal birth in 1948.

Biden stick to zionist israel narratives of Hamas as a terrorist group and yet allowed the terrorist israel to reign on the whole of Palestinian population with the aim to annihiliate them completely.

The israel zionist regime’s aggression and inhuman treatment of Palestinians against all international law have never bothered the US in any way. And yet Biden proclaimed the two state solution as the best way out to peace and security.

The hipocracy is too glaring. A robber viciously evicted the home of the victim , took control and ownership of the whole property and says the victim can live peacefully at the pavement of the road infront of his original home in peace !!

We abhore to describe the two state solution as a so called solution and yet retain the occupation that is totally against basic justice and dignity of the Palestinians.

We call all Muslim nations and leaders in the world to pressure for a Palestinian one state solution and reject the two state solution.

We demand the Arab countries who have enslaved themselves to the normalization deal with the zionist regime to withdraw from the deal.

We call for a strong demand by all Muslim countries under the OIC to establish an international defence mechanism to protect the Palestinians.

We reiterate the need for all Muslim nations to inflict an economic and social boycott on the zionist regime and impose a systematic snd strategic political and trade sanction on the regime.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM.

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