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We congratulate Ireland that has recognised Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestine.

By definition “de facto annexation” is the treating of territory as if it were part of the offending State’s sovereign territory, though without any formal declaration by the offending State of such a status.

This is rightly attributed to what the zionist israel regime has been doing since 1948. An annexation and an occupation.

Irish parliament which supports the motion declaring Israel’s ‘de facto annexation’ of Palestinian land , is a strong message that the zionist regime’s act of aggression must be condemned.

We however regret that the sanctions amendment fails to pass.

The Irish parliament should convey this to the UN that the time has come for concrete actions to be executated by the UN , who has , for decades issued dozens of resolutions but vetoed by the US and totally ignored by the zionist israel.

The motion, tabled by the opposition Sinn Fein party, passed on Wednesday after receiving cross-party support.

We recognise that this is the first European Union country to use the phrase in relation to Israel’s actions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

What the Irish Foreign Minister , Simon Coveney said that the motion “is a clear signal of the depth of feeling across Ireland” is a fresh breath to the millions of Palestinians who had to endure the injustice for decades.

Indeed the Ireland people and politicians must be principled and honest on Israel’s actions by settlement expansion and decades of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Ireland needs to consciously ask the intent behind israel atrocities and what is happening on the ground.

To us , this is not only ” de facto annexation,” but it is mass annihilation and extermination of a population of the indeginuos Palestinians.

If this motion would mean anything to the Palestinians by the Irish parliament , then it should be translated into concrete action to halt the zionist israel occupation of the territory and return to the real solution of a Palestinian state measured from the 1948 carnage.

We call on Ireland to pursuade and motion to EU to delink and isolate israel.

The intent of the israel actions and of course, their impact, is too obvious. This cannot be prolonged any further.

Most countries view settlements of Israel has built in territory captured in the 1967 war , as illegal and as an obstacle to peace with the Palestinians.

We agree that the motion “must mark new assertive, consistent confrontation of Israeli crimes against Palestine”.

But words are not enough.

We had hope that an amendment to the motion that sought to impose sanctions on Israel and expel the Israeli ambassador should have been passed.

We salute the pro-Palestinian protests in Dublin.

Ireland as the first EU state to recognise Israel’s de facto annexation of Palestine in contravention of international law should have a catalystic impact on European member state.

It is indeed a recognition and a landmark vote on the road to isolating an apartheid state as was launched in the 1980s.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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