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We are calling for the Malaysian government to reach out to the Islamic Emirate ( Taliban ) in Afghanistan to plan for a better future for its people.

Afghanistan is now entering a new phase with hope and also with caution . Not only from the people of Afghanistan but also from the now ruling Islamic Emirate.

The withdrawal of the American forces sends a strong message to the world that no matter how strong an occupation force is , when it is against the will of the indeginous people, it will eventually collapse by the determination of the sons of the soil.

We hope that the Afghan people will progress with freedom and dignity to rebuild the nation.

The Afghans will hopefully be able to restore their status and reassert their civilization.

It is their right to reclaim their country and rebuild the nation on their own capabilities, culture and traditions.

The domination of international forces to impose their agenda on the Afghans has been rejected and the world should recognise this.

Afghans have stood up , though with a very high price , against the imperialist powers. They were ripped off , their right to administer their own country , to the extend that Afghanistan has been described as a graveyard of empires.

We welcome the annoucement that the Taliban will not take revenge on its former enemies. This is a positive sign. The announced general amnesty should be translated into a clear policy.

So is the expressed commitment to human rights and women’s rights.

We accept the fragile situation to form an inclusive government. We hope the readiness to avoid a civil war be translated into the formation of a goverment that works on the common interest of all Afghans.

The overall international reaction was the recognition of the fait accompli in Afghanistan.

The world recognition of the new government may depend on whether it will comply to the international call for democracy. However the Islamic Emirate has the right to forge their trust with the people of Afghanistan to rebuild the country.

We call the world community to recognise the resources of the country belongs to the people and no foreign forces should be allowed to exploit it against the interest of the people.

The Afghan people have suffered for decades under occupation of foreign powers. Even before the Taliban recent victory of claiming back the goverment , the exodus was prevalent , as the installed goverment by the occupiers had done little to develop Afghanistan for the people.

We are taking a constructive effort from MAPIM and Malaysian Ngos to engage with Afghanistan.

We salute the resilience of the Afghans to reclaim their right of determination The ending of the US occupation has been a legitimate struggle of the Afghan people.

The Taliban now needs to invite political leaders to sit at the negotiating table to discuss the future of the country, and ways to strengthen national and Islamic unity.

We are preparing to establish a Malaysian – Afghanistan Rehabilitation Working Group ( MARWG ) with the aim of coordinating the humanitarian efforts from Malaysia and Southeast Asian countries.

It will collaborate with our Ngo counterparts within the Asean countries.

The coordinating efforts with the Afghan governments is intended to adopt positive positions to support Afghan reconciliation and help the formative government to restructure and carry out the necessary reforms.

Afghanistan needs both a short and long term planning strategy with its own framework of development.

One of the main focus of assistence in the rehabilitation process is education , as this is the most important investment for the future of the country.

We urge the Malaysian government to take a positive attitude towards the rebuilding of Afghanistan and express its willingness to help in the areas of reconciliation, state building and investment, in addition to material support.

Afghanistan is a nation of immense potential and to help it to develop is a duty for all peace loving citizens of the world.

Sharing the experiences of Malaysia to set up important institutions for social and humanitarian work, such as the association for reform and social development is crucial.

This is an urgent call for Malaysia and its institutions to not delay in taking the needed initiatives to lead the rehabilitation process for Afghanistan.

The “Malaysian Initiative for Afghanistan” will be a model for other countries to follow in the effort to forge regional stability and peace.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM.

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