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We urge the government to take steps to eliminate the gambling industry gradually in the country in order to protect and save the Malaysian Family.

The revelation of the Minister of Finance in a written reply to parliament yesterday that since the frequency of special draws was allowed to be increased to 22 times a year by the PN government, it turns out that the rate of gambling practices has increased dramatically.

This has not been considered “illegal gambling” in homes, free places, illegal betting, machetes, illegal tails and slot machines.

The culture of tolerance with gambling is becoming more widespread can be seen in society when there are parties that stand out gambling advertisements to celebrate Eidul Fitri.

We question the rationale for the government’s decision to increase the frequency of special draws for predictive number gambling, which is not explained, even though the previous government has reduced it to only 8 special draws a year.

We examine that gambling is certified as a permitted but controlled industry since 1952 under 3 Acts under the Ministry of Finance namely Lottery Act 1952, Betting Act 1953 and Open Gambling House Act 1953. In addition gambling is subject to sharia law for Muslims.

With the license issued by the government, 6 gambling company operators were born in Malaysia and a casino in the 1970s, the largest Las Vegas style in Southeast Asia. Horse racing gambling is also licensed by the government introduced by the British in the 1800s, which is now regulated by the Horse Racing Act of 1961.

However, “illegal” gambling, ie unlicensed gambling, is becoming increasingly popular, including betting on sports such as football and badminton. Now it is easy to attract gambling addicts because of the existence of online gambling that can get access to gambling abroad. According to a study unlicensed gambling accounts for 60% of the turnover in the gambling industry in the country.

We are of the view that gambling is a destructive social habit if examined objectively by all races. Although there is no religious law on gambling as exists in Islam, but generally all religious believers know that gambling brings social effects that are not beneficial at all and even harmful to harmony in society.

The reason for economic gains through taxes for the government from the gambling industry will be nullified when considering the social costs borne by the people including crime and the collapse of family institutions.

If it is true that the honest government wants to create the spirit of the Malaysian Family, then negative elements such as gambling must be eroded.

The concept of a Malaysian Family without gambling needs to be proclaimed either in a statement or in a national policy. Otherwise, Malaysian families who are tolerant of gambling will continue to spread and become a feature in this country that is in conflict with living with the concept and philosophy of Rukun Negara.

We urge the government to repeal the decision to allow special draws of forecast numbers 22 times a year.

A special committee to study measures to close the licensed gambling industry in stages needs to be established.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President of MAPIM

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