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Special session of Ngos of Malaysia related to the issue of Muslims being threatened in India

We hereby state our position in the special session of Ngos of Malaysia
related to the issue of Muslims being threatened in India which took place on 3 March 2022 in Kuala Lumpur.

On the current status of Muslims in India we take note of:

▪Hate speech campaigns against the Muslim minority in India are on the rise. The BJP government supports the Hindu ideology of nationalist groups , Hindutva propagated by RSS.

▪ Mob lynching on Muslim homes, shops, madrasas and mosques are rampant in India.

▪ Banning hijab in Karnataka which prevents female students from entering schools and colleges is an assault on the Muslim’s rights to practice their religioun freely.

▪The CAA (Citizens Amendment Act) which discriminates against Muslims as Indians citizens , a citizenship registration in Assam province in 2018 has expelled 2 million Muslim minorities alleged to be illegal immigrants.

▪Hate speeches are spoken openly by the BJP leadership who are now increasingly targeting Muslims.

▪Hindu nationalists claim that India is only for Hindus.

▪Influenced by the Nazis and Zionist Jews to wipe out the Muslims.

▪Hindu nationalists claim that Muslim minority do not have the same rights as Hindus as Indians citizens.

▪They view Muslims as enemies of India.

We hereby call the following actions to be taken by the various parties :

1▪Actions for comprehensive advocacy on the position of Muslims in India:

1. Aware that the Muslim minority in India is over 200 million people and their presence in India is valid as citizens according to the constitution of India.

2. India needs to stick to the principles of democracy as well as secularism which gives and respects space to minority groups to practice their culture and religion.

3. India needs to stop its policy of threating minority Muslims as second class citizens. They have the right to be treated as equal citizens.

4. The right to practice the religion of minorities must be respected. The Indian government should not force Hindu ideology and deny the right of Muslims to carry out the demands of their religion such as wearing hijab, sacrificing animals in their sacrificial rites.

5. India needs to stop its violence against Jammu and Kashmir. Repealing Articles 370 and 35 (A) in the Indian constitution and seizing the autonomous powers of Jammu Kashmir is unjust. Not only did the Indian government violate the rights of Jammu and Kashmir, it even committed crimes against the people of Kashmir.

2 *▪Action for the international community, UN, OIC …. etc *

1. The UN needs to remind India that the ongoing violence against Muslims in India is a violation of universal human rights and international law. Strict action must be taken against India at the international level to ensure the rights of Muslims from being deprived.

2. Demands UNESCO to conduct an investigation on India in relation to cultural threats against minority Muslims and act accordingly to warn India to stop the oppression of minority cultural and religious identities in India or remove India from the list of UNESCO members.

3. The countries under the OIC need to be reminded that condemning India for its cruelty to Muslims needs to be expressed. A note of concern should be issued to India on the need for the all Islamic States to prioritize the rights of Muslims over trade relations with India.

4. Demand that the OIC issue a stand on the oppression of Muslims in India.

3 *▪Action for the Malaysian government. *

1. Malaysia to review trade relations with India, if India continues its policy of oppression and denial of the rights of Muslims in India.

2. Malaysia needs to reaffirm its stance so that India does not arbitrarily pursue discriminatory and oppressive policies against Muslims.

3. Review the policy of hiring workers from India if the Indian policy continues to violate the rights of minority Muslims.

4 *▪Action for Malaysian NGOs *

1. All Muslim NGOs in Malaysia should be involved in the campaign to protest India treating Muslims as second class citizens and oppressing them brutally.

2. Malaysian NGOs need to mobilize activities among the community to be aware of what is happening to Muslims in India now.

3. NGOs in Malaysia need to unite to voice their concern for Muslims in India.

4. NGOs need to send a clear and firm message to the Indian embassy and demand that the rights of Muslims be protected and that Hindu terrorists involved in attacking Muslims be prosecuted and punished.

5 *▪Action for various private industries *

1. Review investment in India.

2. Liaise with Malaysian – India business partners and chambers of commerce to express concerns about the situation and treatment of Muslims in India.

6 *▪Action for university students and youth *

1. Expressing objection to India against the ill -treatment of Muslims in India.

2. Organize rallies at every campus to express solidarity with Muslims in India.

3. Extend relations with the student and youth movement in India to express a common stand demanding the right to wear hijab among female students in India.

7 *▪Action for the media *

1. Urge the local and international media to raise the issue of Muslims in India to urge harmony and peaceful co-existence in India to be preserved based on the principles of democracy and universal human rights.

2. Social media plays a role in demanding attacks on Muslims in India be stopped immediately and criminals brought to justice.

3. Mobilize online petitions to pressure India so that the rights of the Muslim minority are protected under international law.

8 *▪Action for scholars and intellectuals *

1. All scholars and intellectuals in Malaysia expressed protest to India regarding the violation of the rights of minority Muslims in India.

2. Independent scholars need to voice the issue of Muslims in India to the public because this is their responsibility to call on Muslims to oppose tyranny, let alone insults to Islam such as damaging mosques.

3. Mobilize all mosques in the country to perform prayers and inform their local communities on the status of Islam and Muslims in India.

4. Write a letter of protest on behalf of scholars in Malaysia and Indonesia to the Indian government to stop the threat to Islam and Muslims in India.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President of MAPIM
Conference Spokesperson

Dato ‘Seri Sheikh Ahmad Awang ,
Chairman of MANAR

Dato ‘Wira Sheikh Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chairman of SHURA

Datuk Najmudeen Kader
Chairman of the Penang Muslim League

Sabarudin Abdul Rahman
Chairman of IMIM

Yusof Azmi
Chairman of the Consumer Semboyan Association

Datin Aminah Zakaria
Chairman of SALIMAH Malaysia

Datuk Hishamudin Hisham
Secretary Geberal MHO

Mohd Fadhil Yusni
Chairman of MKYM

Samsul Kamal Idris
Secretary General AMMAR

Dr. Mohammad Fawzi Zakaria
Chairman of the Al Aqsa Secretariat

Ali Kazim Shah |
Chairman of Pakistan Janoon Malaysia

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