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We condemn unreservedly and in the most strongest term this morning after the fajar prayer when the zionist occupation troops stormed into the Qibli Mosque in the Al Aqsa As Syarif.

The live visual reports from the Holy Al Aqsa As Syarif mosque show the zionist troops attacking the mosque.

The Grand Imam Syekh Ekrima reported to have narrated the zionist troops assaulted defendless worshippers.

The Muslims must rise to protest and condemn the zionist attackers.

The holy month of Ramafan is now being intruded by the attack and it cannot be left unresponded.

In breaking news more than 50 Palestinians were injured during the violant confrontation between worshippers and zionist occupation forces

We call for an immediate action by the OIC. Muslim nations must respond to protect the Mosque and the worshippers.

The attack is launched amid the raids , killings and arrests of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank in Jenin and Ramallah
by the zionist operation. According to reports the escalation of attacks have been planned earlier under the pretext of an operation combating terrorism.

In an Al Jazeera report since March 22, a sharp rise in attacks or “armed operations” by Palestinians carried out inside Israel has led to the killing of 14 people, including three police officers.

Meanwhile, 36 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since January, according to the Palestinian health ministry, including two on Thursday in the northern occupied West Bank town of Jenin.

We call for a strong response from all Muslim leaders, the OIC and the UN to pressure Israel to withdraw all its troops from Al Aqsa.

We urge the Malaysian government to issue a strong statement and initiate an emergency meeting of the OIC .

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

Dato’ Sri Syekh Ahmad Awang
Chairman MANAR

Dato’ Wira Syekh Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chairman SHURA

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