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We , the undersigned organizations and individuals of Asean and international affiliates , declare the 10 points demand to the government of India on the issue of the plight of Muslims and other religious minority rights in India , as below :

1. Stop the criminal violence against Muslims : lynching , attacks oh homes , mosque , couples. The perpetrators must be brought before the law. India has become the most dangerous country for Muslims , as the BJP government has turned Muslim and Islam as enemy number one.

2. Stop the propaganda against Islam. The absurd and vile naratives against Muslims and Islam in the government controlled media must be halted. Going by the declarations and annoucement by the nationalist right wing groups , India is now on the path of genocide. Even the identity of the Muslims is under attack.

3. Retract all laws that deny Muslim rights to practice their religious obligation and preserve their identity e.g hijab , celebration of Eid Adha , azan , Friday prayers , Muslim’s attire.

4. Reaffirm and recognise all religious minorities rights as stated in the constitution. The rights must be fully respected and protected. Muslims are now left unprotected when all the institutions ; the police , the municipality , the media , the law and the court are up in arms against Muslims.

5. Stop the hate campaign and Islamophobic policy of BJP. Politicians and goverment officials must not condone hate speeches and allow any derogatory remarks on any religion.

6. Respect the existence and citizenship of 220 million Muslims in India . Revoke the CAA. The BJP cannot discriminate Muslims and ignore their rights.

7. Establish constructive engagement with Muslim leaders in India. The Indian government cannot be rethorical in its pronouncement of inclusivity and respect of human rights but in reality brutal agression and violant assault are launched against Muslims.

8. Take firm action on hate speeches by religious and political leaders. The pronouncements that malign , insult and redicule Muslims and Islam in public cannot be tolerated . The intimidation and provocation that fuel communal riots must be curtailed.

9. Stop demographic change and reinstate Article 370 and 35 A and conduct free plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir is now being forced to submit to fascist government of India hell bent to convert it into a Hindu majority entity.

10. The RSS right wing nationalist group , fueling the BJP government and the Hindu masses with the Hindutva agenda and thereafter create a communal riots , must be immediately halted.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Malaysia Consultattive Council of Islamic Organizations,
Convener Asean People for Justice and Peace Initiatives

Endorsers :

MP Datuk Hassanudin Mohd Yunus , Vice President ,
National Amanah Party

MP Datuk Seri Dr. Mujahid Rawa,
Vice President National Amanah Party

MP Dr Rusnah Aluai
People’s Justice Party

YB Fakhrurazi Mokhtar
State Assembly Member of Selangor

MP Dato’ Amiruddin Hamzah
Party Pejuang Malaysia

Secretariate for the Assembly of Ulama of Asia

Alliance of World Mosque in Defence of Al Aqsa

The Asean Network of Mosques Brotherhood

Teachers Working Group Indonesia

Forum for Human Rights Indonesia

Justice and Humanitarian Association of Cambodia

International Council of Indian Muslims (ICIM)

Malaysia – Brunei Community for Peace

Advocacy for Justice and Peace Institute , Malaysia.

Association for Muslim Minorities Advocacy and Research.

Ummah Care Malaysia

International Relief and Humanitarian Outreach

Citizens International

MyChild International Secretariat.

Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia.

Persatuan Pembangunan Bahasa , Tradisi dan Kebudayaan Tamil Muslim

Malaysian Muslimah Brotherhood Association

Association for Muslim Minority Advocacy and Research

Persatuan Ispirasi Muhibbah Indian Muslim.

Persatuan Pembangunan Bahasa Kebudayaan Tradisi Tamil Muslim

Pertubuhan Ketamadunan , Pemikir dan Pemahaman Islam Pulau Pinang.

Teras Pengupayaan Melayu

Muafakat Muslimah Masjid Malaysia

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