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International Al Quds Day 2020

SOLIDARITY FOR AL QUDS , END THE OCCUPATION , RESIST ANNEXATION PLAN – Today, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadhan 1441 Hijrah / 2020 in commemoration with the International Al Quds Day, we reiterate our undivided solidarity with all Palestinians in the cause for freedom and independence.

We stand firm against Zionism and the illegal state of israel.

Cognizant that the israel state was created 72 years ago to occupy a sovereign nation by force, through brutal , inhuman and barbaric crime against humanity inflicted on defenseless Palestinians.

The role played by western imperialist powers especially the UK and the US under the lobby of the Zionist movement are complicit in giving birth to a terrorist and apartheid state, israel, which has been persecuting the Palestinians with impunity since its birth.

Al Quds now undersiege since israel’s occupation in 1967 is an assault not only on Palestine but also on world peace and in stark contradiction with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Islamic unity is challenged by the state terrorism of israel and occupation of Al Quds. Al Quds is a red line that will not be compromised by all Muslims and resisting the occupation is unquestionably a legitimate right.

We declare that all Muslims globally have a religious right to resist and protest against the occupation of Al Quds and their unity is prerequisite to free the holy land.

We declare that the struggle to free Al Quds is a struggle for justice, dignity and independence not only for Palestine but also for world peace . While all Islamic nations should shoulder the duty to achieve freedom of Al Quds, the international community is obliged to stand up in unison with Palestinians against injustice, occupation and war crimes by the israel occupational forces.

The Deal of the Century sponsored by the US and favoured by some Middle East countries is strongly comdemned. We are vehemently against the deal. There is no deal in submitting to and recognizing the Israeli occupation on Palestine.

We regret that some Islamic nations in the Gulf states choose to submit to the normalizing and formalizing relations with the terrorist state israel thereby putting aside the decades of sufferings of the Palestinians.

We declare that Al Quds is the eternal capital city of Jerusalem and Al Aqsa mosque is out of bound for any other religious rituals other than Islam. In defense of Al Aqsa with call on all nations to cut off all diplomatic relations with the zionist israel.

We reject in the strongest term the Judaization agenda of israel on Al Quds and Al Aqsa Mosque. Under no circumstances can we submit to the alteration of the Islamic identity of Al Quds either in name , space , physical or cultural.

We reject and oppose the unification of Jerusalem under the pretext as the capital city of israel. Jerusalem is an occupied territory of israel and the unification is only legitimate under full authority of the Palestinians.

We support the ceasing of all security agreements with israel and the US by the Palestinian authority. The time has come for all Palestinian factions to unite against the common foe , the zionist and the occupation forces of terrorist israel.

We reiterate our unreserved condemnation on the US policy of legitimising the illegal settlers on Palestinian lands, the recognition of Jerusalem as capital city of israel and the annexation plan to takeover West Bank.

We damand :

1. UN implement the resolutions adopted relating to the rights of the Palestinians. Special focus must given to the Resolutions on Al Quds’s sovereignity as the eternal capital city of Palestine.

2. All Israeli military occupation troops must withdraw from East Jerusalem completely and the authority of Masjid Al Aqsa under the guardianship of Jordan be fully exercised.

3. Jewish settlers that have unlawfully confiscated lands and homes of Palestinian must be given back to their owners and the right of return as provided in the UN Resolution 194 must be complied with.

4. Dismantle the discriminitory and apartheid laws of the zionist regime and protect the rights of the Palestinian in the current Occupied Palestine Territory.

5. UN and other international multilateral agencies must intervene to stop the annexation plan of the West Bank by the zionist regime.

6. OIC must persue the implementation of all relevant resolutions adopted by the UN General Assembly, including resolution on the Status of Jerusalem

7. The resolution of the UN Security Council, on the illegal Israeli practices in the occupied territories of the State of Palestine, including East Al-Quds, and the Security Council resolution No. 2334 (2016) must be complied.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysisn Consultative Council of Islamic Organization ,
Board Member of the Asean People’s Ngo Coalition for Palestine


Datuk Seri Ahmad Awang
Chair Alliance of World Masjid in Defence of Al Aqsa.

Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chair Secretariate for Ulama Assembly of Asia

Mohideen Abdul Kader
Director Citizens International

Syed Syekh Al Attas

Mohammad Faisal Abdul Aziz
President Muslim Youth Movement Malaysia

Prof Dr Roslan Mohd Nor
Secretary General
Ulama Association of Malaysia

Dr Abu Shammala
Director Al Quds Foundation Malaysia

Muslim Imran
Chair Palestine Cultural Organization Malaysia

Dr Ahed Abualatta
Chairman Palestinian Scholars Abroad Association, South East Asia


Agus Sudarmaji
Chair Al Aqsa Working Group


Jamal Abdul Naser
Presiden Justice and Development Association Cambodia


Dr Ananchai Thaipratan
Secretariate General
Committee Humanitarian Network Office of Syekhul Islam Thailand


Dr. Zulfikar J. Bantas
Director IV, Regiónal Director
National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) Región 9 Zamboanga Penínsular


Zaw Min Aung @ Ibrahin bin Ali (Advisor), Southern Arakan Social & Welfare Community, Myanmar.

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