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On July 13th, on the occasion of Kashmir Martyrs’Day, we extend our solidarity and support to the freedom fighters of Kashmir.

Many sons of Kashmir lost their lives and hence Kashmir Martyrs’ Day is commemorated.

We firmly reject the framing of those who are resisting the occupation in Jammu Kashmir as terrorist and affirm that their lives lost in the struggle are matyrs in Islam.
We pay tribute to the martyrs of Kashmir.

Our unrelenting commitment to support the struggle for the rights of the Kashmiris will continue and we will voice our solidarity for their right to self-determination as enshrined in the UNSC resolutions on the Kashmir dispute.

The lost lives of the Kashmiris will inspire the world that peace can only be achieved with justice.

The legitimate struggle for freedom and self determination of Kashmir must be recognised as a demand that is justified and in congruence with the international law.

India’s aggressive annexation and draconian laws to occupy Jammu and Kashmir both physically , socio-culturally and demographic make up of the disputed territory is in violation of the UNSC Resolution, UN Human Rights Declaration and the international law.

We deplore the genocidal crime by the Indian occupation forces that are responsible for the massacre of hundreds of thousand Kashmiri civilans, leaving immense sufferings of the people.

India must take full responsibility in the extra judicial murders executed by the India occupation forces under the order of the Indian government.

Those who were martyred with impunity must be remembered in the historical lanes of the Kashmir struggle thereby inspiring generations of Kashmiris to pursue the unfinished agenda to free the disputed territory.

While we demand that India must release thousands of Kashmir political dissendents in custody, we salute those who are resilient in their stance to resist India’s incarceration and not surrender to be forced to submit to the will of the occupiers .

We call all freedom fighters every where in the world in demanding for justice and free their occupied territories to joint in the commemoration of the Kashmir Matyrs’ Day.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )

Coordinator Asean Peoples’ Advocacy Group for Kashmir.

Endorsed by :

Datuk Seri Ahmad Awang
Chairman MANAR International

Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani
Chairman SHURA

Mohideen Kader
Director Citizens International

Fadhil Yusni
Deputy Chair
Malaysia-Kashmir Youth Movement

Agus Sudarmaji
Chairman Al Aqsa Working Group Indonesia

Dr Ananchai Thaipratan
Deputy Chairman
Council Humanitarian Network Syeikhul Islam Office, Thailand.

Jamal Abdul Nasir
President Justice and Development Cambodia

Dr Zulfikar J Abantas
Regional Director
National Commission on Affairs of Muslims Filipinos
Zamboanga , The Philippines

ZAW MIN AUNG @ IBRAHIN BIN ALI (Advisor), Southern Arakan Social & Welfare Community, Myanmar.

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