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We believe that if properly managed and regulated, refugees with a temporary status in the country could be a constructive asset for the human resource need of Malaysia.

We support the Human Resources Ministry to take the task of heading a committee to review issues relating to the proposed policy of allowing refugees to work legally in the country.

We welcome Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who responded to parliamentary question on the issue of allowing refugees to work in Malaysia legally.

It is only reasonable that the Human Resources Ministry which will be heading the committee to scrutinise issues on allowing refugees to work here .

This is a very positive move. We agree that the presence of the refugees could be positive and constructive to the managing of human resource in the country.

We call on the government to engage non-state actors to be involved. An inclusive approach in drafting the policy decision to seek an appropriate solution is more wisely. Stake holders attending to the refugees amongst civil societies should be ropped in to get the best ideas in resolving the refugee issue.

While a meticulous research on the viability of the programme, should be expedited , the principle of fairness and a just system to attend to the needs of the refugees is a matter of urgency.

We believe that there are refugees who are talented, skilled, and highly educated to be absorbed in some sectors in the country’s economy.

The pilot ‘Projek Rintis Kebenaran Bekerja’ by the Gardenia company which is currently employing 93 Rohingya refugees could be a base line to see the possibility of the proposed policy.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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