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We convey our call to all Malaysians and the Malaysian government to extend their immediate help to Gaza.

Gaza has been hit with the Covid19 pandemic recently and a lockdown was imposed to contain the spread.

With the already imposed sieged on Gaza since 15 years ago by israel, basic needs have been cut off from the 2 million population , and thus the Covid19 spread will be even more devastating for the totally blocked territory.

Water shortage, destroyed sanitation facilities , minimum electrical supply, disrupted food and medical needs, Gaza is now at a critical stage when Covid19 posed an additional challenge for the besieged territory.

The double lockdown, with the recent 40 positive Covid19 cases detected in Gaza, calls for an immediate action from the international community to extend urgent assistance to Gaza.

We call all Malaysian Ngos to immediately consolidate their effort to despatch a speedy humanitarian aid to Gaza the soonest possible.

We also urge the Malaysian government and corporate charitable foundations to launch an immediate humanitarian support to Gaza to assist in the containment of the Covid19.

The situation will get worst unless help is quickly deployed to Gaza.

We condemn the increase frequency of bombardment on Gaza by israel, making the situation even more deadly.

We call the UN to immediately act in helping Gaza and to pressure israel to stop their air strikes.

We also urge Egypt to ease the flow of medical aid into Gaza. Eygpt cannot allow israel to dictate the flow of assistance to the people of Gaza.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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