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We fully support the call by Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the Chairperson Peace and Culture Organization, who demanded that United Nations should carry out impartial and transparent judicial inquiry into the extrajudicial killing of Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

We regret that UN has not acted promptly to the Indian brutality for killing innocent Kashmiris in fake encounters.

The UN must intervene and halt the impunity without delay as the unabated brutalities by the Indian forces in the occupied valley have violated all international laws and is now clearly executing crimes against humanity.

We condemn the barbaric act of targeting innocent youth who took the courage to stand up against a farcist India government to demand for the right to self-determination.

We reaffirm the legitimate rights of Kashmir freedom fighters to resist and respond to the Indian state terrorism.

The Kashmir civilians are now victims of extreme brutalities and continued killings by the Indian farcist regime.

Extra-judicial killings are rampant. The Indian soldiers exceeded their powers and excecuted the extra-judicial killings of three Kashmiri men on July 18 in Shopian district.

We abhor the Indian forces that have been taking youth into their custody during search operations and ended up in their death in the police custody.

Leaving corpses of the murdered youth by the India forces to decompose after refusing to hand over the body to the family is uncivilize to say the least.

The 7 decades of impunity suffered by the people of Jammu and Kashmir is too long. The UN, human right organizations and world community have the legal and moral obligation to stop the tyrany of the India farcist governmemt to stop the Kashmir genocide.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Cordinator of the Asean People’s Advocacy Group for Kasshmir,
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

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