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The sanctions on Iran, which is reinstated by US must be resisted.

Since its unilateral move targeting Tehran has no legal standing, the world must mobilize all nations to isolate US.

The United States is now rejected by even its allies in the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

US unilaterally declared the re-imposition of all UN sanctions against Iran. This cannot be accepted since it has no legal standing.

We condemn the US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who threatened “consequences” for any UN member state that does not comply with the punitive measures against Iran.

US has no right to impose its will against any country that disaggrees with it.

We question why US abandoned the nuclear deal that was signed between six world powers and Iran in 2015 ?

Its time for the world to reject unilaterally sanctions by the US.

Its arrogance to threaten other UN sovereign nations who wants to engage with Iran with threats of domestic policies , shows it has a policy of dictartorship on the world to dictate its will.

US cannot be allowed to impose unilateral sanction on Iran or any sovereign nations without international legal reasons.

We call all the nations in the UNSC to assert their rejection on the sanction and to isolate US. All nations must resist the US hegemony on Iran and take united steps to block any measures by the US to reimpose sanctions on Iran.

A resolution to defy Washington’s arguement that it is still technically a “participant” in the JCPOA and could trigger the so-called “snapback” on Iran , violates a peaceful negotiation.

The international community, including the four other permanent Security Council members, must show their united position to insist that the US no longer has the legal ability to force through any changes since it announced its exit.

We congratulate the world powers to reject US pressure to reinstate UN sanctions on Iran.

We condemn US for its “bullying” policy on others into adhering to its declaration of reinstating UN sanctions.

Iran has categorically announced that if the five remaining signatories of the nuclear deal fully adhere to their commitments under the accord, Iran will also fully implement its commitments.

This is a commitment that should be honored by the participating signatories and US has no right to dictate , once it abundone the nuclear deal.

Iran’s commitments would only be executed if the other signatories reciprocate.

Iran has continued to grant access to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) despite the pressure from the US.

We fully support the European signatories to the deal – Britain, France and Germany, or E3 – that the UN sanctions relief for Iran would continue and any decision or action to reimpose them “would be incapable of legal effect”.

We also laud the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres position to the UN Council Security that he would not take any action on the US declaration because “there would appear to be uncertainty whether or not any process … was indeed initiated”.

We stand firm with the legitimate right of Iran to resist Washington’s uncivilized diplomatic bullying of other countries.
The international community should send a strong message to the US that it will have to face a bitter reality of being isolated.

The US demand is atrocious and has no legal legitimacy what so ever.

Its arbitrary interpretation of international treaties by Washington, deserves no attention to from the international community.

Even the international nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that pursues nuclear disarmament is lopsided that only US will decide who can have nuclear arms.

We opined that what US is pursuing can only be interpretate as political. It wants to keep highlighting Iran as a danger to the world security and world peace.

We call all nations to continue to isolate the US in the Security Council.

In mid-August, the council resoundingly rejected a US bid to extend a global arms embargo on Iran that expires on October 18 under the JCPOA indefinitely.

Pompeo reiterated the US will move to reinstate UN on Iran sanctions to make the arms embargo permanent. This is outrageous , a clear sign that US is not in anyway interested in peace but to challenge the sovereignty of a nation.

Trump’s plan to issue an executive order in the coming days to impose secondary sanctions on anyone who would buy or sell arms to Iran, depriving them of access to the US market, is another policy of self isolation .

The world community cannot accept this as the order of the world economy. The world cannot revolve around US market alone.

We call that international community to outlaw any unilateral sanction. Sanction cannot be allowed to be a weapon to crush a nation at the expense of its people.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations.

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