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We stand in solidarity with the people of Sudan that reject the normalization with israel.

The annoucement by outgoing US President Donald Trump that US will lift Sudan from the its list of terrorist supporting nations if the condition to the normalization deal is fullfilled , is clearly a bullying approach.

If this goes through the Sudan’s national policy and approved it will become the third country to normalise relations recently, after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Sudan as a country who had giving its support to the Palestianian cause is now willing to abscond its principle for justice to become a subservient nation to the US and israel.

The legislative Council of Sudan needs to approve admending its constitution to allow the normalization process to be legitimate.

We call the people and the legislators of the Sudan Parlianent to overturn the decision and stand strong in support of the Palestinian struggle.

It is the people of Sudan now that needs to rise up and defy the military government to reject the deal.

We reiterate our stand that Sudan will not benefit from the ties with israel as all coorperation with Tel Aviv is no more than just legitimizing israel’s occupation on Palestine and its expansionist agenda in the Middle East.

We support the Sudanese political parties that have rejected the government’s decision to normalise relations with Israel. Their plan to form an opposition front against the agreement is most appropriate.

We are dismayed that the transitional government of Sudan agrees to normalise relations with Israel as a condition from Trump.

The Arab-Israeli peace with US officials to remove Sudan from US terrorism list is a ransom deal.

We support several parties in Sudan for standing up against the deal. Sudan’s Popular Congress Party, said Sudanese are not obligated to accept the normalisation deal.

“We see that our people, who are being systematically isolated and marginalised from secret deals, are not bound by the normalisation agreement,” the statement said.

Sudan’s historical position of support for the Palestinian people must be maintained in order to support the Palestinian struggle for their legitimate rights.

Khartoum must resist in protest.

We take seroius concern that the normalization deal contradicts the Sudanese national law.

Middle East will be a region of tension when nations will be treated as pawns by israel in its hegemonic geo-political maneuvers.

At the moment Sudan’s transitional government is not elected. It therefore has no legal standing and authority to normalise relations with Israel.

We read that the transitional government of Sudan now wants to submit to the regional and international intelligence agenda.

The forces of freedom and change ( FFC ) coalition formed by civil and political parties of Sudan should be a formidable movement to resist the deal with a racist state that practises religious discrimination.

Neither economic benefit nor social security will be achieved for Sudan from the normalization aggreement.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

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