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We reject strongly the baseless accusation against the Muslim Brotherhood ( MB ) by the Saudi Arabia’s Council of Senior Scholars of terrorism.

Without evidence and with deep prejudice Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah Abdul Latif Al Al-Sheikh tweeted that the council’s statement was: “Satisfactory and adequate, and leaves no excuse of ignorance after reading it.”

The minister’s endorsement is no suprise. MB is seen to be a popular Islamic movement and a well respected organization that captures the imagination of Muslims across borders.

Its advocacy for reform with a systematic approach of education and public awareness building was never seen as a hardline or terrorist movement by the common people.

It is the Saudi elites that are threatened by the wide spreading of Islamic consciouness instilled by the movement to unite the ummah based on the Quranic guidance and the examplaries of the Prophet p.u.h

We are shocked by the council position which conveyed: “The brotherhood is a terrorist group that does not represent the approach of Islam. It is a perverted organisation that disobeys legitimate rulers, stirs up discord, conceals foul doings under the cover of religion, and practices violence and terrorism. The brotherhood did not show keenness to follow the teachings of Islam or the Sunnah and hadith, but aimed rather to reach power,” adding that the group was the incubator for many terrorist organisations.

We demand the council to show evidence of such generalized allegations.

It is an open secrete that Saudi authorities have been perceiving MB as contenders of the Saudi power since a long time. In fact Fatah Al Sisi coup that dislodged MB’s presidential candidate Mohammad Morsi in Egypt was a sponsored operation.

The Saudis were taken by suprise and off guard by the Arab Spring in 2011 and have shown displeasure against the MB presidential victory representd by Morsi.

MB since its birth has proven to be a people’s movement that centers on improving the knowledge and practice of Islam amongst people.

No evidence in its ideology, programmes and action bears indication of promoting terrorism.

If it is about advocating to improve the Islamic standing of the Saudi regime, how can it be perceived as a terrorist organization ?

It is obvious that the stronger the MB’s reform movement was rooted and gaining popularity, the Saudis will deemed the movement as a threat.

The statement by the Council is no more than a political motivated pronoucement to crush any challenge posed to the status quo of Saudis who wants to hold on to power.

We belief the approach of the group is founded on the Holy Quran and the sahih of authentic hadith without exaggeration or extremism, and its history attests to that.

Because of its clarity in vision and its educational approach , MB has always been a victim of violence and terror by dictators.

We recognized that the MB movement has remained unwavering in its support to liberate oppressed Muslims especially in the Palestinian cause.

It’s intellectual backing by prominent Saudi scholars of the brotherhood’s activities is proof of the well grounded acceptance from intellectuals of integrity.

The support by Abdul Aziz Ibn Baz, Abdullah Ibn Jibreen and Safar Al-Hawali, as well as the Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta attest to the relevance of the movement .

We urge the council to dissasociate itself from the Saudi – israel linked power holders and embrace the ummah as its base for extending their guidance to the ummah.

The israel’s endorsement on the statement is a sign that the Saudi elites are already in full control by the israel in setting its policies towards the Palestinian struggle.

We call the Saudi elites to disengage themselves from the hegemony of the zionist agenda and to reclaim the dignity and honor of the ummah from the evil plan of the adversaries of Islam.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations.( MAPIM )

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