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We are weary of the new elected US Vice President Kamala Harris on her position in the long standing Palestine – israel conflict for the rights and self determination of the Palestinians.

‘We must stand with Israel’ was her statement of support on the eviction of Palestinians by the zionist israel.

Kamala Harris’ 2017 speech during the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference was loud and clear.

We remind Muslims who think of her as an opportune figure to alter the existing US policies on israel to take a cautious stand.

Her stance when it comes to justice and equality for the Palestinians is clearly inclined to favour israel.

Kamala said she supported US providing Israel 38 billions dollars over the next decade in military aid.

“…America’s support for Israel must be rock-solid…” was her open statement.

We abhore her unwavering support to israel as there would be no shift of policy on israel from the Biden’s administration with Kamala’s position of absolute support for israel.

We reject her narratives on Iran and Hamas. She seems to take in everyword of the Zionist regime. She has allowed herself to be a tool of israel .

Kamala must move away from her support to israel if she expect Muslims worldwide to consider engaging with her.

We will be prepared to respond if she may be even more hawkish than Joe Biden.

We are aware of her stances in her three years as Senator which are soundly pro-Israel.

She objected the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

We will be extra cautious with Biden-Harris’s embracing of liberal policies which many are hoping that Palestinians would have a better bargain for their liberation

Kamala cannot ignore israel’s inhuman policies since its inception in 1948 which is to decimate the local Palestinians.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President of MAPIM

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