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We the Asean people, in support of Palestinian cause, urge the Indonesian government to revoke its decision to grant calling visa for israel.

We are extremely shocked and register our repugnance on the decision, since Indonesia has been consistent all along in its position on israel as an illegal occupying state.

The Palestinians have been suffering for more than 73 years. The violations against human rights and international law have been so grave that now israel is pursuing its apartheid rule to decimate Palestinians under the Deal of the Century.

We are perplexed by the sudden shift of position Indonesia has taken to “normalize” with israel which practice state terrorism. Israel is not only a terrorist state but also an apartheid regime.

The Muslims and all peace loving people of Asean reject the decision and we stand in solidarity with the Palestianians. The Palestinian cause transcends boundaries of nations. It is a direct assault on all principles of justice and human rights as declared in the Universal Human Rights Declaration of the UN.

We oppose any normalizing policy with israel and we call for the Indonesian President, Jokowi, to roll back the decision for granting the calling visa for any citizen of israel.

Indonesia as the biggest Muslim populated country whiich should be an anchor nation to resist israeli’s occupation on Palestine. It must not betray the Palestinians and the Muslim ummah.

Indonesia hosted the headquaters of NAM ( Non Align Movement ) established in 1961 as a grouping of nations not allowing the hegemony of imperialist powers to dictate other nations. Legitimizing and normalizing israel which is supported by western powers especially the US, powered by the zionist agenda, imply that Indonesian is now shifting its principles of non align nation to a nation of pro-imperilism and pro- colonization.

Not only will it reflect Indonesian’s insensitivity towards the victims of israel’s oppression, but it will be seen as legitimizing the injustice and inhumanity that israel has been executing for 7 decades against the Palestinians.

We cannot accept Indonesia taking the path of normalizing with israel as the Muslims in this region will not comprise with the persecutions by israel against the Palestinians. Indonesia should stand firm not to cave in with israel illegality of its existence and must consistently condemned israel’s injustices.

This decision, to grant the calling visa for israel, will be a stark contradiction between what Indonesian stands for in its rejection of colonization and the right for freedom and justice of the Palestinians.

Indonesia must not pursue the path taken by Bahrain, UAE, Sudan and Saudi in enslaving themselves to israel and the US. They have betrayed the Palestinians and leaving the Palestinians at the mercy of israel.

We call the legislators and Muslim Ngos in Indonesia to voice their objection and urge President Jokowi to intervene and retract the decision.

We are uncompromisingly and strongly calling for a total boycott against israel. All OIC nations must avoid any deals with israel directly or indirectly.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM.
Coordinator Asean People’s Coalition for Palestine.

Endorsers :

Voice of Palestine, Indonesia,

KAHMI Depok (Korps Alumni Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam)

Alliance of World Masjid in Defence of Al Aqsa.

Secretariate for Ulama Assembly of Asia.

Malaysian Secretariate for Palestine.

Citizens International

Malaysian Women Action Group for Kashmir

Advocacy for Justice and Peace Institute

Malaysia Kashmir Youth Movement.

Association of Muslimah Brotherhood Malaysia

International Relief and Humanitarian Outreach

Justice and Development Association Cambodia

SHURA The Philipines

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