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We condemn the assasination of the Iranian nuclear scientist yesterday.

We convey our condolences to his family and the people of Iran.

The assasination will not deter Iranians to strenghten their resolve to resist state terrorism especially israel which is supported by the US.

The Friday’s assassination marks the second high-profile targeted killing of a top Iranian official after IRGC Quds Force chief General Qassem Soleimani’s killing.

The killed nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is a provocation for war and will have serious implication.

It is obvious that targeting important individuals in Iran aims to create a state of fear by quarters who wants to put maximum pressure on Iran.

Targeted terrorist attacks orchestrated by Iran’s adversaries have been a strategy executed on many occassion targeting Iranian leaders.

Martyed Fakhrizadeh is an important figure in Iran to develope iranian’s capacity for scientific endeavors.

Killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is a highly indicative of Israeli role.

It was executed amid Trump’s annoucement that US may strike at Iran.

There is no doubt of Israel’s possible involvement. Series of targeted killings by israel is well documented.

Assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists points to an attempt to curb Iran’s potential to develope its scientific developement.

The world community cannot perceive this cowardice act as just an Iranian affair.

We believe that any nation will be exposed to targeted killings when the interest of the hegemonic powers is challenged.

Israel’s act of desperation to provoke war is not unexpected .

We call on international community not to remain silent. They should come out to condemn this act of state terror.

Israeli secret services has been deploying assasination squads to eliminate targeted individuals.

Intensify pressure on Iran to create a full-blown war has been its agenda .

The US Pentagon declined to comment on reports of the attack speaks volumes.

To stop Iran from developing its capacity to their right of defence is futile.

The assassination comes after Trump has been seriously considering a military attack on Iran. Imposing harsh economic sanctions on Iran has been Trump’s weapon to cripple Iran.

We stand in solidarity with the Iranian people to stand up against the zionist agenda.

Targeting Iranian entities and individuals is terrorism that must be strongly responded.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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