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We register our deep regret by the decision of Morocco to annouce its normalization deal with israel.

For whatever claims that Morocco pronounced for its reasons for embracing the normalization deal , we stand firm that it is a betrayal against the Palestinians.

Morocco and the rest of the other Arab states that opted to take the same path are indeed accepting and strengthening israel to continue all the violations and oppressions against Palestinians for the last 73 years.

The recent move, announced by Morocco, like Sudan military government, conditioning the US to de-list Sudan from the terrorist list, Morocco linked its deal with the condition that US recognizes Morroco’s claim over Western Saharan territory.

While Morrocco claims that its relations with israel has being informally established since 20 years ago, the official announcement at this moment , reflects the orchestrated move by the US and israel to robe in Morocco as another list of Muslim nation to have diplomatic ties with israel. .The hipocracy of Morocco is clear.

We deplore the Morocco disintegrating to become a stooge of the US and israel.

While claiming they have not moved away from supporting the Palestinian cause , the fact that they have been silent over the daily atrocities of the israel against the Palestinians, prove that they are actually betraying the Palestinians and Palestinians lives are considered disposable.

We cannot comprehend why the two state solution is still seen as a viable peace plan by the Morocco and some Arab states. There has been no resolution of the UN that israel has not violated. The reality of Palestine for the last 7 decades, under the israel occupation , the most oppressed nation, wiped out from the map, under an apartheid regime, denied of every human rights of basic needs, living with no dignity, freedom and justice, cannot be at any level , as conditions viable for a two-state solution.

It is regrettable that the Moroccon pronouncement seems to be a foreign orchestration in the conflict region on the Western Sahara dispute which is aimed to destablise Algeria.

No doubt the normalization will contribute to escalate instability in the region.

The United States recognised Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara in exchange for Rabat normalising ties with Israel , clearly shows the explicit involvement of the US in the game of the regional normalization deal with israel.

With Morocco’s shift of its policy, it is opening up to the Zionist entity to the region.

The conflict between the Polisario Front with Morocco will escalate as the zionist forces will be in play to maneuver the geopolitics of the region.

The campaign for independence for the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara since the 1970s has been a potracted conflict between Morocco and Algeria.

The announcement by outgoing US President Donald Trump of Washington’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara will trigger strong resistance from Polisario and as such will create a prolonged conflict in the region.

Morocco’s normalization deal with israel is no more than a trap for the region to be in perpectual conflict which will benefit israel.

We call for Morocco not to be disillusioned by the prospect of peace through the normalization deal especially on the Palestinian struggle.

The deal must be withdrawn if Morocco is to be accepted truly as a committed nation to support the Palestinians.

We reaffirm our solidarity with Palestine and will continue to oppose the normalization ties with israel.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

Datuk Sri Ahmad Awang
Chair Alliance of World Mosques in Defence of Al Aqsa.

Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chair Secretariate for tge Ulama Assembly of Asia

Syed Syekh Al Atas
Secretary General
Malaysian Palestine Secretariate.

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