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5th February 2021

To All Muslim leaders of OIC

The list of Muslims under oppression are many. But the Uyghur is amongst the least spoken.

The reason being, most Muslim nations are overwhelmed by China’s economic offers and thereby the almost complete silence is deafening.

The western media and countries do have their own interest to expose China’s violation against human rights, but the truth of what have been investigated on the suppression of the Uyghur cannot be ignored.

Of the 22 non Muslim countries who sign the condemnation letter against China for its treatment on Uyghurs, more than 20 Muslim countries support China on its crackdown of alledged terrorist In Xinjiang.

The fact that China has been denying the exposures by the western media through testimonies of victims as propaganda, Muslim countries cannot submit to the naaratives of China by not initiating their own investigation.

We regret that some Muslim countries have been subdued by China”s narratives to justify its harsh treatment towards the Uyghur province of East Turkistan (now Xinjiang).

In July 2019, 22 mostly Western countries launched the world’s first major collective challenge to China’s crackdown on Uyghur Muslims and other minorities.

In a joint statement to the High Commissioner of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, the nations criticized Beijing for what they described as “disturbing reports of large-scale arbitrary detentions” and “widespread surveillance and restrictions.”

A day later, 37 other countries jumped to Beijing’s defense, with their own letter praising China’s human rights record, and dismissing the reported detention of up to two million Muslims in western China’s Xinjiang region.

Nearly half of the signatories were Muslim-majority nations, according to the Chinese government.

The depiction of cruel tortures from testimonies of released Uyghurs cannnot be dismissed. The way China has kept hidden its policy of taking in 1 – 2 million Uyghurs in ” vocational training camps” are now disclosed by victims of tortures in the concentration camps.

From indoctrination of communism, forced consumption of alcohol and pork, forced renouncement of Islam, rape and mental torture to barring from any practice of religion e.g prayers and reading rhe Quran and forced sterilization of Uyghur women.

The Muslim leaders should not remain in the state denial. The sufferings of the Uyghurs are real. The appropriate action should be to demand for an independent investigation than just to accept the narratives from the China’s authorities.

The Islamic obligation of all leaders of the ummah to respond to the plight of the Muslims is clear. The pain of the Uyghurs has been far too long and even more severe now as the Chinese government has taken the path of exterminating the population of the Uyghurs.

The genocide and ethnic cleansing is no different than what the other oppressed people are facing like the Rohingyas. From physical detention to cultural annihilation, the Uyghurs Muslims are bound to be
exterminated totally if the Muslim leaders still ignore the ground reality in Xinjiang.

This is not just about one ethnic to be de-populated from an occupied territory, but its about injustice and the denied right to exist socially, economically and politically.

The Muslim nations cannot compromise rights of the Uygurs Muslims over economic priority.

It is not only inline with international obligation to protect the rights of minorities but it is more so an Islamic obligation for all Muslim nations to rise up against the tyrany of a power that subjugates the Muslim communities in China.

We call the Muslim nations can no longer take a the stand of silence on Uyghur’s plight.

China must not be allowed to assume that its oppressive rules on the Uyghur is unnoticed by Muslims.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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