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We are outraged and condemn the execution of 13 Turkish citizens in Iraq, by Kurdish militants, yesterday.

Turkey said that 13 Turkish hostages, including soldiers and police officers, held by a Kurdish militant group had been found executed in a cave in northern Iraq.

The execution was barbaric and is condemned as war crime committed by he Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK.

We consider the execution on civilians a total disregard to the international law.

Murdering civilians hostages and non combactants must be investigated and those responsible be held accountable.

We call for an independent investigation and the culprits be prosecuted.

The Turkish army located in a large-scale military operations against the PKK in Iraq and Syria is Turkey’s right to secure from cross-border attacks.

The decades long insurgency by PKK has disrupted peace and border integrity of Turkey.

We opined that safeguarding the integrity of Turkey from within and from external forces is a legitimate right.

PKK has resorted to violence and terror attacks on civilians as its approach to confront Turkey. This must be resisted.

We believe Turkey has the right to curtail violent terrorist atracks by PKK.

We cannot accept any opposition groups condoning murdering civilians as a democratic rights. This is a crime and those responsible must face the law.

We support Turkey’s resolve to fight against terrorism and foreign powers that is trying to undermine the sovereignty of Turkey.

We reject the miltant and violent approach by the Kurdish fighters to disrupt peace in Turkey while demanding for a separated state.

We call for a renegotiation for cease fire and to all conflicting parties restrain from aggression that will put civilians lives in danger.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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