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France government discriminatory provisions adopted in an amended version of a controversial bill targeting the French Muslim population, is strongly condemned.

We reject the campaign spreading Islamophobic sentiment against Muslims in France.

Allowing far right wing group in the French society and the legislators to hate Muslims , is creating communal tensions and setting for a violant conflict amongst citizens of France.

The bill passed Monday by the Senate that includes new amendments under the guise of combating extremism, cannot be accepted as it is not only against the Universal Human Rights but also against the principles of the Republic.

The right-wing dominated Senate modified the text of the bill by introducing amendments to toughen the proposed law.

They included prohibitions of religious symbols for parents on school trips, burkini in public swimming pools, preventing minor girls from concealing their faces or wearing religious symbols in public, a ban on prayers on university premises and displaying foreign flags at weddings.

We vehemently reject the provisions of the bill. The targeting of Muslim population is deliberate and contradict the international human rights law.

We demand that the provision of banning religious signs or clothing specifically targeting Muslims be withdrawn.

France is moving towards discriminatory provisions particularly on Muslims.

The text of the ammended bill is discriminatory which relates to wearing religious clothing and symbols.

The imposition of wearing specific clothing , violates the right to freedom of expression or the right to manifest one’s religion or beliefs.

We call the France government to stop the moves to legislate against religious freedom.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

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