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We condemn the Zionist oppression through brutal interrogation and torture inside the Zionist jails.

To endure the torturous misery of captivity in Zionist prisons is the worst that one can imaging.

The torture and humiliation inside the Zionist prisons is reflected at the face of Palestinian Mansour.

Mansour Al-Shahateit reflects how he, a Hafiz who memorizes Al-Quran by heart and who knows 3 different languages was dehumanized by the zionists.

He was arrested and severely tortured for 17 years in prison of israel.

Today, Mansour was released and he cannot recognise even his mother.

Mansour has lost his memory due to the severe torture and he lost his mind.

His mother was denied to ensure that her son’s rights was protected but she went through the hardship of even visiting him.

We extend our deep condolence to the family of Mansour and pray for his full recovery to continue his normal life.

His sufferings must be compansated by the IOF after inflicting grave physical and mental injury on him.

We are in deep sorrow and anger on the ordeal that he and thousands of Palestinians including children , are going through in the prison of israel. Their guilt was just because they stood up to resist the occupation.

We call the UN to send in an independent investigation team to look into the oppression and cruelty of the Zionist occupiers on the Palestinian prisoners.

Keeping quiet and inaction by the world agencies is in complicit with the crime against humanity by israel.

The UN cannot keep a blind eye on the brutality of the israelis , abuses and violation of human rights of the Palestinians by israel.

We demand for a strong action against israel to release all Palestinian prisoners of the custody of israel.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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