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We call Muslim leaders and the OIC to respond on the recent killings of a civilian in a mosque compound in Mandalay, Myanmar by the junta military.

The incident shows the brutality of the military goverment of Myanmar in facing the protestors.

Since the coup , more than 700 civilians were killed. Now the shootings to crackdown on the protestors have targeted even in mosques.

The situation has gone worst with no boundaries of attacks by the military. The Myanmar military is unleashing its killing weapons on their own citizens with impunity.

A shoot to kill operation is now endangering all civilians either on the streets, homes or in religious compounds.

Recently one Muslim in the Mosque compound in Mandalay , while preparing for Iftar , was shot and killed. Few were injured. Six were detained.

We are very concern of the deteriorating situation in Myanmar.

Killings by military troops in the compound of a mosque is a signal that the troops are rampaging without limits.

We call the OIC to respond firmly on the situation in Myanmar. Sanctioning Myanmar should be considered by all Muslim member states of OIC.

We call on the Foreign Minister of Malaysia to issue a statement of condemnation on the killing in the mosque compound.

The Myanmar military operation that kills protestors must now face the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR ). The commission must respond to the atrocities without delay.

We call Malaysia to initiate a meeting of the Asean leaders to address the situation in Myanmar.

OIC must call for the protection of religious sites. Muslim leaders should issue statements of condemnation in the killings of civilians in mosques.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )

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