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We condemn the recent violence triggered by Jewish right wing groups and israeli police at the entrance of the Al Aqsa mosque.

The Israeli police and Palestinians clashed outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls overnight into Sunday
The israeli police blocking off access to the promenade around the walls of the Old City is intimidating.

We condemn the ultraorthodox Jews, and Jewish hardliners taking to the streets to insult the Palestinian Arabs.

Ramadhan has always pulled thousands of Muslims to gather at the mosque and israeli troops barracading entrances to the mosque is a clear outright provocation.

The recent clash between worshippers and Jewish groups is a preplanned intimidation by hardline Jews and condonned by the israel occupation forces.

The provocative march into the heart of Arab East Jerusalem by hundreds of supporters of far-right Jewish nationalist group Lehava had added the anger of the Palestinians.

There has been a growing incitement by far-right Israeli settler groups advocating for the killing of Arabs.

The racist attacks by Israelis against Palestinians in the East Jerusalem is an assault to create a response from the Palestinians.

We stress that Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims. Any attempt to abuse it will trigger a strong response.

The tension is a reaction following protests by Palestinian youth angered with curbs on gathering during the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan.

We stand in solidarity with the Palestinians to resist the assault and violence by the Jewish aggressions. The clash which had reported 125 , mostly Palestinians, injured is condemned.

We demand for the total withdrawal of all israeli troops in the Al Aqsa compounds and entrances.

The stationing of the israel occupation troops must be resisted and the Palestinians have every right to defend the mosque from intrusions by the israeli police .

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )

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