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We call the international agencies and community and all leaders of the Muslim nations to act promptly to defend the Al Aqsa mosque and to protect Gaza from the israel state terrorism now witnessed by the hour.

The violent criminal assault by the zionist israel has gone beyond limits of toleration. This is on open aggression of a bigger scale involving evicting Palestinians from their homes, attacking worshippers and storming in the Al Aqsa mosque , injuring hundreds including women and children , raiding and detaining Palestinians in their quarters and the bombing of Gaza murdering dozens of civilians.

This is a preplanned and a calculated maneuvere to triggered massive attacks on the Palestinian people and their institutions, with the aim of a mass cleansing of the remaining Palestinians in the remaining land.

The aggression is a crime of the highest degree as it is fully zionist government backed and sponsored.

We cannot comprehend the lackasical nature of the UN and the OIC for not responding to the criminal israel.

What more evidence of such crimes against humanity and international laws should the international community need to collect to stop the barbaric fasist israel regime.

We remind the international Muslim leaders in all the cities around the world that if Al Aqsa falls then there will the next target to destroy Madinah and ultimately Mecca.

We call the leaders to stand up to resist against apartheid regime of israel in every possible.

The nations that have betrayed Palestine when they normalized with israel must pull out and withdraw from the devilish deal. It is clear that what they did was to be enslaved by israel and the US.

With what is so glaringly clear, the state terrorism policy of israel has reached its climax and the aggression and criminal intrusion into the holy Al Aqsa Mosque is a plain proof of a crime being committed with impunity.

Gaza is now again targetted despite of its already devastated situation by numerous assaults of the israel criminal forces. The recent attacks have claimed more than 20 civilian lives in Gaza.

We call the world to act to protect Gaza from the israeli air bombings on defenseless people who are in the mist of a slow death due shortage of food and medical assistance and detroyed basic infrastructures.

We reiterate that defending Al Aqsa would be the main struggle for all Palestinians and Muslims around the world.

We demand that the aggression in the mosque compound of Al Aqsa , injuring hundreds of worshippers must be halted with a strong resistance.

Another intifadhah is in the making if the assault is not curbed soon. The Palestinians have the right to defend the holy mosque if help is not forthcoming.

We demand immediate assistance to help the stranded worshippers in the Mosque.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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