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We are not suprise of Biden’s statement that israel has the right to defend itself in the current bombardment of Gaza and the assault on the Syekh Jarrah neighbourhood and the attack on the Al Aqsa mosque.

It depicts his hipocracy and reflects how both democracts and republicans do not have any divergent views when it comes to pampering israel though its hands is full of innocent blood of the children and women of Gaza and occupied West Bank.

The sequence of events was totally ignored by Biden. With hundreds of Palestinians injured in cities in West Bank and more than 70 dead in Gaza now including dozens of children and toddlers , and in addition the major devastation of residential towers, homes, schools, mosques, police stations , hospitals and health centers , Biden seems to accept israeli’s narratives that those are legitimate military targets.

Biden has finally shown his true hipocracy while he lauds democracy to be excercised in Russia , China , Afghanistan and Iran.

When he described israel’s indiscriminate attacks on Gaza as right of defence , he is denyng the fact that israel is a seriel murderer of innocent civilians since its illegal birth.

Biden is no angel when it comes to slaughtering Palestinians. US willingly continuous to support the execution of military killing operation by channeling US tax payers money by the billions of dollars annually to apartheid israel.

Biden’s definition of right to self defence for israel is outrageous by the international law. The most profound hipocracy is when he accepts the victims as criminals and the perpetrators of war crime as innocent people that needs help.

We cannot but condemn in the strongest terms that israel must be brought to the court of justice to take full reponsibility on the carnage it has committed for more than 7 decades.

The right of defence is for the victims , not the criminal and Biden should be taught this basic rule of law which he uses regularly in his presidential rallies.

We call the UN to convene an emergency meeting to address the israel aggression on Gaza. A strong enforcible measure must be decided to stop the massacre and mass killings by israel occupation forces on Gaza.

We specifically demand the force expulsion of Palestinians in the neighborhood of Syekh Jarrah must be halted immediately. It must be protected by the UNRWA and Jordan as was documented since 1959.

We demand that all the police forces of israel to clear away from the holy Al Aqsa mosque. They cannot be allowed to take charge of the mosque as it is under the guardian of Waqf Department under Jordan as agreed in the 1994 agreement .

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )

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