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We call on all nation leaders of the world. Enough of the strongs words of condemnation on the Gaza massacre by israeli airstrikes currently executed at press time.

The latest report, as this statement is drafted, israel is now moving in for a ground assault. This will be another bloodshed with devastating number of lives expected to be killed by the thousands.

They very well know israel occupation forces is not going to relent just by words of condemnations and even UN resolutions. Israel was made to exist to annihilate the Palestine population. International law does not apply to israel. UN has no ability to even call for a meeting on the violation and crimes against humanity by israel if it is not consented by the US.

This is not just about humanitarian aid. This is about resistance against the israeli illegal state that has plundered a sovereign land of the Palestinians.. It is about confronting against the cruelty of a force that do not have any sense of human rights. This is about an evil power occupying a land supported by the western imperialist powers to subjugate and annihilate a whole population of indigenous people of Palestine.

Yes , humanitarian aid is an urgent need , but unless the root cause of the problem , that is the colonial occupation of the zionist jews are not exposed , then no humanitarian aid will ever be sufficient.

We have heard enough of rethorics of harsh words by world leaders. The point here is about action and an impactfull action to halt the atrocities right now.

Israel knows no diplomatic dialogue. It has the backing of the US. But we know too that the US administration is answerable to its tax payers. The billions of dollars channeled to israel to murder Palestinians is now an open secret that tax payers have the right to question.

Unless and until “Palestinian Lives Matter” and the movement of the “Black Lives Matter” converge , in the US public domain , than the US administration will continue to be complicit in the barbaric and murderous acts of israel.

To stop the zionist israeli agenda of de-populazing the Palestinians it will only be effective if the pressure is put to the maximum for a complete sanction , no fly zone and a military intervention on israel.

Anything less , will be deemed meaningless.

Now the last portion left of what was a sovereign Palestine nation , Gaza and West Bank, are the only remaining areas to be defended. But untill now , no country has the courage to act to defend the last enclaves of Palestine.

The world leaders know very well israel is a state terrorist and an apartheid state. It is a regime that is intensely obcessed with its extreme sense of supremacy , that lives of others are insanely dispossable.

The current airstrikes killing anything and everyone that moves cannot be stopped with only comdemnation. Israel even went as far as levelling to the ground a UN sponsored school in the 2010 military assault on Gaza.

We can no longer expect any change of military targets as israel deemed everything is a legitimate target in Gaza now.

We now call again and again , act now , act fast and act not only for humanitarian aid but to shield the people of Gaza from the israeli barbaric lust to kill and decimate Gaza.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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