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We refer to the appeal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , State of Palestine, Gaza dated June, 17 , 2021.

We call the world community to respond urgently to the appeal for the dismantling the blockade of Gaza and assisting the rebuilding of the devastated territory.

The continuous restrictions by israel on Gaza is inflicting a slow death of 2 million people through the blockade since 2007.

The sieged is the main cause of the humanitarian crisis and the only way to rebuild Gaza is to end it.

Even there have been intermittent ceasefire , however the aggression has never ceased.

Gaza Strip has always been a persistent target of the zionist israeli bombardment since the siege.

The collective punishment is a clear contradiction to the
Fourth Geneva Convention , the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international law.

The zionist israel occupation authorities closed crossings to block entry of goods , fuel and raw materials for construction.

This is intentional and meant to impede possible rebuilding of the Gaza Strip and any chance of giving the economy to survive.

The severe humanitarian crisis and deterioration of the economy cannot be a permanent feature .

The ongoing blockade of Gaza for 15 years is an obvious cause to the current reality.

The closure of crossings and as a result the increasing high rates of unemployment, estimated at 70% of the population, will wittness the collapse of the entire economy of the besieged strip.

No amount of help to rebuild the destruction of Gaza can be sustained unless and until the blockade is put to an end.

The occupation still prevents the entry of building materials necessary for the
reconstruction process.

It is for this same reason why Gaza has been made to become unliveble with almost all the basic needs of the population is destroyed and denied to be rebuilt.

This phenomena of destruction and restruction of Gaza cannot be acceptable by any standard of international declaration of the rights to development.

The occupation aimed to stop all sectoral rehabilitation of Gaza from travel documents for education to health treatment.

Visa issuance is one of the vital need for the Gava inhabitants to move in and out for their education , health , employment and survival needs.

It is shocking that the blockade has even prevented the entrance of the Qatari grant, a financial aid to the poor and vulnerable families in the Gaza Strip.

We are perplexed why the international community is allowing this prevail and unimpeded.

Even the daily live of the fishing community is restricted to 6 nautical miles. Why is the rights of the Gaza fishermen denied of their basic livelihood to furnish their subsistance need and the needs of the Gaza population ?

All of these restrictions are indeed life threatening. If the siege is not ended there can be no lasting solution on the plight of the Gaza populace.

The world must recognize that the blockade is a crime and violates all the international laws related to rights of existence and rights to live a life of dignity.

We take cognizance of the reminder of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine that the restrictions will escalate into regional instability and the worsening situation will bound to flare up tensions.

End the blockade now. All neighboring countries must take concrete measures to rebuild Gaza through the only viable crossing that is the Rafah crossing .

The life line for entry of the needed supplies for constructions and daily needs of Gaza must be facilitated through the Rafah crossing.

We register our support to the most urgent call for the international community and the regional mediators to exert pressure to end
the occupation.

What Gaza needs is a space to breath. “Gaza can’t breath” should be the cry for ending the siege.

The world community is equally responsible for the sufferings of Gaza if they persist with inaction.

The correlation between blockade and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is too glaring to ignore. The world community must stop to blind itself from the 15 years of injustice and a murderous policy of the illegal state of israel to deny rights to exist as Palestinians in Gaza.

The bigger issue of liberating Palestine and to end the 73 years of occupation must be pursued with a strong international political will to undo the falsehood and the injustice and reenact the truth and the rights of the Palestians.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM.

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