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Two air raids within the last 2 days on Gaza by zionist israel is a clear violation of the ceasefire .

Reports of the bombings is israel regime’s respond towards an alledged incendiary balloons from Gaza into israel.

The air raids will re-escalate the tension on a very fragile ceasefire.

We have always demanded that an independent peace keeping force be deployed to Gaza , the occupied West Bank and Al Quds to protect the civilians and to implement the international law in the Palestinians occupied areas.

We regret the UN has been toothless to stop the aggressions of the israel occupation forces.

Not one resolution that was passed in the UN has been enforced to halt the barbarism of the israel regime.

The assault on Al Aqsa mosque, Syekh Jarrah and Silwan neighborhood , the 11 days bombings on Gaza , the daily attacks by settlers and killings by zionist israel on civilians in West Bank and Jerusalem , the arbitrary arrest and torture of Palestinians , the demolitions and evictions , the israel flag march are siries of non stop violations , provocation and criminal offences by zionist Jews.

The israeli regime knows no boundaries of suppression and annihilation.

The recent air raids is proof of israel regimes lust for blood and penchant for annexing Palestinian lands in totality.

The continuous assault on Gaza will be the expected policy by the israel Bennet’s administration.

We express vehemently the UN has no other options but to deploy the peace keeping force immediately.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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