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We condemn israel’s closure of crossings into Gaza since the ceasefire after the 11 days military assault in May 2021.

Blocking critical aid and basic needs to reach the victims of the israel assault in Gaza is a crime against humanity.

We demand the entrance of commercial commodities be allowed to flow unimpeded into Gaza.

We reiterate the ongoing destruction and reconstruction cycle in Gaza by israel’s aggression must end.

In fact israel must bear full responsibility for the destruction of Gaza and the international community must pressure for israel to compensate for the devastation of Gaza.

Since the blockade of Gaza , the border crossings of Gaza and israel , have been the life line for the economic survival of Gaza.

The siege since 2007 had inflicted dire consequences on the Gaza humanitarian status.

The closure of the Gaza crossings by the israel regime is impacting on the daily lives of the Gaza inhabitants which is moving towards a humanitarian disaster.

The almost 15 years of blockade of Gaza has devastated the lives of the Gaza populace.

The crossings at the Gaza – israel border , is a vital opening for a range of economic transactions which serves to employ thousands of workers amongst the Gazans.

The international communities that have stated their concern on the critical situation in Gaza should know that unless there is a safe passage to get humanitarian aid and basic commodities to reach Gaza , then the pledges to help remains rethorical.

Rejuvenating the economic activities is a vital effort if Gaza is to be assisted in a sustainable long term rebuilding.

Gaza needs all the basic materials to commence the rebuilding of the destroyed infrastructure.

The besieged enclave is now suffocating by the closure of the crossings.

If the international community does nothing to ensure aid entrance into Gaza , it will paralyse the population and a human catastrophe will be immenent.

We are perplex by the inability of world agencies to give the breathing air that Gaza needs. The thousands of Gaza workers losing their jobs due to an intentional illegal siege cannot be allowed to prevail.

This is an obvious systemic and planned measures taken by israel to inflict a slow death on the people of Gaza.

The economic life line of Gaza has been purposely severed and compounded to escalate the already worsening situation.

We are shocked to learn that 2,000 factories in Gaza, including 500 had been closed due to the siege and offensives , resulting in 21,000 factory workers lost their employment which is part of the more than 100,000 job lost due to the closure of the commercial crossing.

The world governments especially amongst the western powers that frequently raise issues of human rights cannot be bystanders to the perils of the Gaza population.

The world community is equally responsible for the sufferings of the Gaza civilians if the siege is not dismantled and the Gaza be allowed to return back to normality.

We demand all governments, international organisations under the UN mandate to act immediately to end the israeli occupation and pressure israel to open the crossings.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )

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