Press Release


We call for the world commumity to initiate an engagement process with the new government of Afghanistan.

While the narratives have been somewhat negative in various comments in the international media , we urge that the Taliban government should be given space to prove their pledges and policies of the government.

With the current situation the government will be burdened to administer the country under a great financial incapability.

It is not fair to expect the interim line up of the announced Cabinet to be able to function fully as the situation is still fluid and uncertain.

Our hope is the situation will be in a proper and conducive environment for the government to function.

We call all Muslim leaders to engage with the Taliban government constructively. While cautious is being reminded in dealing with Taliban but we opined that the people of Afghanistan should be assisted after decades of sufferings since the war started by the British.

The dire economic and security issues faced by the Afghans for years , needs a fair attention to help them to rebuild their lives.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Presiden MAPIM.

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