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We write to you and hand over our note to you through your Ambassador in Kuala Lumpur today , our deep concern on the current aggression of Israel occupation authorities in Syekh Jarrah neighbourhood in East Jeruselem.

It is through your continuos support to the Israel Occupation Forces that has emboldened the Israel regime and the Jewish settlers to persistently conduct their oppressive moves against the Palestinians.

The US policy on the Israel – Palestinian conflict is a clear bias of a US unreserved support to the illegal nation of Israel.

The continued Israeli forces demolition of Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah and the Jeruselem Palestinian enclaves is strongly condemned. The forced expulsion of Palestinian families after a violent crackdown on protests by Israeli security forces is a dangerous precidence.

Recently the Israeli forces tear down the house in overnight raid displacing the family of 18 from their home in occupied East Jerusalem.

The ruins of a Palestinian house demolished by Israeli forces depicts the sheer inhuman and barbaric act of Israel planning to clear Palestinians from Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Israeli forces destroying homes of a Palestinian families is now a norm.

They even threatened to blow up the houses if the Palestinian home owners refuse to vacate their homes.

With large numbers of Israeli police and special forces who raided the Salhiyeh home and cordoned off the surrounding area , it is clear the israel forces have no sense of humanity at all which
dozens of heavily armed forces broke into their home while they slept and assaulted family members, arresting six of them including the head of the household, Mahmoud Salhiyeh.

Now Sheikh Jarrah families are victimised by an ‘unjust’ rule by law of the isreali court. The occupation authorities have resorted to court decisions to justify demolition of the Pslestinian homes.

Palestinian families now face forced displacement

The arrest of at least 18 other Palestinians who were present at the home in solidarity with the family are act of intimidation.The family of 18 is now rendered homeless.

The demolition is part of the bigger plan of Israel to cleanse East Jeruselem from Palestinians homes.

The raid conducted at the dawn call to prayer during a rainstorm on one of the coldest nights of this year’s winter season is deliberate to inflict more sufferings on the victims. The family of 18 is now rendered homeless.

We learnt the horrendous narratives of the victims being bitten up and pulled out of the house by the israel forces are barbaric.

For whatever reasons the Israeli authorities have justified the demolition , the fact them Israel has an ongoing annexation and eviction plan of Palestinians from their land and neighborhood will be a continuing agenda of furthering its occupation .

We condemn this atrocities.
The Israeli forces even cut off the electricity to the homes and fired tear gas canisters in and around the house.

Many families in the neighbourhood face imminent expulsion by Israeli authorities.

We stand in solidarity with the Syekh Jarrah residents who showed strong resistance against the forced eviction and demolition of their homes.

We support the Palastinian objection to the issuance of confiscation order under the pretext that the six-dunam property (1.5 acres) would be used to build a special needs school, according to the family.

We reaffirm that the forced displacement in occupied territory is a violation of international law and a war crime.

The injustice inflicted on the family is atrocious. They was forcibly displaced from their home once before, in the village of Ein Karem in the western half of Jerusalem, during the 1948 Nakba, or catastrophe.

We see this brutality as an act of trying to exhibit to the Palestinians that resistance will be futile and the Israel forces wanted to kill the fighting spirit and erase the history of the Palestinians in Syekh Jarrah.

We reaffirm that the Judaization of Jerusalem will not succeed .

It is very obvious that the Israeli practices and policies in Jerusalem are aimed at altering the demographic ratio in favour of Jews. This is  a goal laid out as “maintaining a solid Jewish majority in the city” which is in the municipality’s 2000 masterplan.

Unlawful settlement expansion, Palestinian home demolitions, and restrictions on urban development are being used to realise the goal of Judaization.

We remind the international community that the Israel militarily occupation on the eastern half of the city in 1967 has devastated the Palestinian livlihood and destrupted the sanctity of the Holy Al Aqsa As Sharif mosque.

The occupation since then , zoned only 13 % for Palestinian development and residential construction, most of which is already built up.

Some 57 percent of all land in occupied East Jerusalem has been expropriated by Israeli authorities.

The apparent apartheid Israel regime had continued the building of illegal settlements and zoning of land as “green areas and public infrastructure”.

At least 280 Palestinian households in Jerusalem consisting of 970 people, including 424 children, are at risk of forced displacement by Israeli authorities, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA).

Grassroots al-Quds, a Jerusalem-based Palestinian NGO, said Israel’s actions come as part of “a large-scale plan to empty al-Sheikh Jarrah of its Palestinian residents , including plans to build new illegal Jewish settlements.

We demand strongly , the US to intervene and put a halt on the Israel’s plan of ethnic cleansing and destroying of Palestinians homes.

Israel is encouraged to proceed with its annexation and demolition excercise because of the backing of the US.

It is the consent of the US that empowered the Israel’s occupation to violate all international laws with respect to Israel’s aggression.

US is known to be the strongest ally of Israel , leaving the illegal nation a free hand to execute the worst atrocities against the Palestinians.

We demand the US not to practice double standard when it comes to Israel’s act of crime against the Palestinians.

US must give particular attention to the Shekh Jarrah issue as the Israel occupation is intruding and cleansing the Palestinians from the neighborhood of Al Aqsa.

We demand US :

1. Stop the demolition of Palestinian homes in Syekh Jarrah by Israel occupation forces.

2. Stop the annexation and Jewish settlement projects on Palestinian lands.

3. Sanction and stop supporting Israel’s on its violation of human rights against Palestinians.

4. Stop giving military support to Israel.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

Member of Parliament :

▪YB Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir
▪YB Khalid Samad
▪YB Datuk Hassanuddin Mohd Yunus
▪YB Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman

Datuk Seri Ahmad Awand
Chairman MANAR

Prof Dr Nazari Ismail
Chairman BDS Malaysia

Datuk Wira Abdul Ghanis Samsudin
Chairman SHURA

Prof Dr Roslan Mohd Nor
Sec. Ulama Assosiation of Malaysia

Datuk Hishamuddin…
Chairman MHO

Yusof Azmi
Chairman Semboyan

Syed Shekh Al Atas
President SEJAGAT
Sec Gen Malaysia Palestine Secretariate

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