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ISRAEL’S BRUTALITY – Muhammad al-Dura , Rachel Corrie  and Shireen Abu Aqleh and thousands more.

Condemnations reverberate today on the attack by israel occupying forcers on mourners of Shireen Abu Aqleh in her journey to be buried at the Christian cemetery in Baitul Maqdis.

We express our solidarity with all journalists covering the abuses of the israel occupation forces as events unfold in the occupied territories of Palestine.

We remember the many siries of cold blooded murder from the israel gunfire on a 12 year old Muhammad al-Dura 2000 , Rachel Corrie crushed by an israeli bulldozer in 2003  .

There are many more reported stories of israel brutal killings of children , youth , unarmed women either by snipers , gunfire or air raids and bombs . Israel blood thirsty regime differentiate no one when it comes to targeting Palestians : Muslims or Christian , civilians or journalist , children or adults.

Muhammad Al Dura 12 years old was killed in 2000 by the israel troops in Gaza. The scene has become the icon photo that depicted the inhuman barbarism of israel.

In 2003 , Rachel Corrie , 23 years old , an American activist was crushed to death by a bulldozer by the israel operator to demolish a Palestinian home in Gaza. No US official attended her funeral.

The siries of cold blooded murder can be tracked in the record of israel’s attacks , raids and bombing on Palestinians.

The persistent murder operation by israel is a proven evidence of its systemic anniliation of any invidual who speaks out against the Tel Aviv regime. Abu Aqleh became the second US citizen to be killed by Israeli forces this year, after 78-year-old Omar Assad died after being detained in the West Bank in January.

Today’s scene of barbarity by the israel occupying forces in the brutal storming of the procession of the coffin of the slain Shireen is a clear inhuman trait of israel. Beating mourners has never been seen any where in the world , meaning israel’s murderous troops will not give a damn of even a dead body being brought to the cemetary. It was to demonstrate to the world it can do whatever it wants to warn any resistance that they will face the harsh consequences .

State supported terrorism is israel’s character. Killings and extrajudicial murders are the operating system of the apartheid state.

The US is again displaying its utter hipocracy when Biden only reacted in a very muted stance that an investigation is needed. He and the oval house have never mentioned israel as the clear culprit.

We question the US for calling israel to run an investigation when it is clear israel cannot be the trusted investigator.

Even US cannot be the nuetral and objective observer. US persistent policy of supporting israel would render it to be involved indirectly with every act of violence by israel.

It is therefore only right to demand that US review its unconditional support for Israel involving billions in annual US aid.

US should not continue its hipocracy and double standard when it comes to dealing with israel’s abuses.
US has been empowering and enabling the Israeli government to act with impunity and carry out these human rights abuses.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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