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We express our strong abhorrence and condemnation against the hate campaign insulting Islam and targetting Muslims in the social media of India which triggered the recent tension in Bengaluru Karnataka India, killing 3 Muslim protestors by the police.

What happened in Bengaluru is the worst violence in the city in more than 20 years. What happened is not a coincidence. It seems to be deliberately planned: instigate, create chaos, deal with brutal force and rule by law.

The 1,000 protesters rallied because the police had ignored the provocation in the facebook and the police used batons and tear gas and opened fire.

At least 27 injured policemen and 12 protesters, including three who had suffered gunshot wounds.

We received the report with deep concern, depicting the tension, which reflects how the BJP government is ignoring the tense situation as a consequence of the overt RSS agenda of Hindutva.

The Hindutva agenda is an apartheid agenda of a single race and religion dominating over the rest in India. Minorities are treated as non citizens and their status are scrutinized to a point that they will be made stateless.

We are extremely concern on the plight of the minority communities especially the Muslims in India which are targetted in the hate campaign condoned by the BJP government.

This incident seems to be a continous community hate campaign which triggers free-for-all actions by Hindu extremist against minority Muslims. Mob lynching and cow protection vigilante groups are out to “teach them a lesson”. The mobs are protected by the authorities and investigations are only lip service.

The BJP government is taking a path designed by the RSS with the intention of moving India away from its secularistic foundation.

The Citizenship Act enacted recently by the Indian parliament is aimed at discarding Muslims in India. It is stoking fear and spreading widespread enxiety amongst Muslims.

India under BJP is carving its population with a divisive intent to depopulize the minorities and instill a single dominant religion and race.

We call for an investigation on the incident in Bengaluru not only to the perpetrators but also the broader contributing factors leading to crimes that had fueled communal riots in India.

The Indian authorities seems to ignore the already highly sensitized situation, given that some high level government politicians had added hate speeches in the hate campaign.

We regret and abhore the inhuman and unjust policies enacted by the BJP-RSS government that seems to enact apartheid governence.

The facebook posting that posted insulting the Prophet Muhammad must be investigated and action must be taken.

The Bengaluru Tuesday night clash was triggered by a Facebook post with offensive messages against Islam and Muslims.

The government of India seems to pay lipservice to prohibiting hate speech and incitement to violence.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysia Consultative Council of Islamiv Organizations

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