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The Asean People’s Coliation for Palestine rejects and unreservedly condemned the normalization deal between UAE and israel.

We totally reject and denounced the trilateral accord brokered by the US.

The deal which we see in the wider context of the Deal of the Century is a “betrayal of the Muslims, Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and the Palestinian cause.”

We are extremely outraged by the Dubai decision to ignore the plight and rights of the Palestinians and choose to recognize and normalize its relations with israel.

The US-brokered deal establishing formal ties between Israel and the UAE in exchange for Israel dropping its plans to annex land in the occupied West Bank, is a deception.

By the deal UAE is now officially inline with the zionist claim over the Palestinian land, killing and executing all the atrocities since israeli’s birth as an occupying state.

UAE has legitimized the occupation and is now hand in glove with israel to work further annexing Palestine.

UAE is now against the occupied and the victimized and is favouring the occupier and the criminal.

By signing normalization agreements with them [Israel], UAE is in complicit with it in its genocidal crimes against the Palestinians.

We do not believe the UAE-Israel deal could push forward stalled peace negotiations. To expect israel to accept a Palestinian state on land that israel had occupied in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War by this deal, will never be a reality.

Israel will never end its occupation and will not move the region towards a just peace.

The only reality that will come out of the deal is a deepening of decades-long Arab-Israeli conflict and threaten the security of the region as a whole.

The agreement will not be complied with by israel as it has not done with all international resolutions in ending unilateral moves to annex territories in the occupied West Bank.

Right-wing Jewish settler groups will not allow the israel regime, who ever is the Prime Minister, to stop
to annex the West Bank.

Netanyahu had promised to apply Israeli sovereignty to areas, including Jewish settlements, in the territory, which Palestinians seek for a future state.

We reiterate that :

1. Normalization with the Zionists threatened the supreme Islamic and
humanitarian principles such as freedom, justice, human dignity, global peace and security.

2. Normalization with the Zionists is a danger to the Islamic doctrine of the nation and a threat to the purposes of Sharia that aimed at preserving the nation in its religion, self, mind and offspring.

3. Normalization with the Zionists threatens the project of resistance and weakens its roots in the hearts of the nation.

4. The political normalization with the Israeli entity leads the Arab and Islamic countries to liquidate and eliminate of the Palestinian cause, and to dispel the hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people to liberate their land 9 Islamic nations.

8. Political normalization disrupts the consciousness of the Ummah and
transforms it into separated peoples and states, which corrupts all attempts of unity and revival of the Ummah project.

9. Normalization limits the capabilities of the nation, changes its security and military doctrine.

10. The normalization with the Zionist entity threatens the way of life og the
nation and the values and trends of its people and their loyalties.

11. Normalization with the Zionist entity is a psychological defeat and
recognition of the superiority of values and cultural, and undermine the spirit of the nation.

12. Normalization with the Zionist entity to falsify the facts of history, distort awareness, and undermine the cultural heritage of Arab and Islamic.

We demand that :

1. UAE revoke the normalization deal with israel. The deal is a betrayal not only to the Palestinians but also to the Muslims globally.

2. UAE must halt any dealing with israel in all fields of relations : economics, politicals, social-cultural, science and technology, trade and defence.

3. UAE must refer any relations with israel by consultation with Palestinians and stand with the Palestinians in their cause for freedom and self determination.

4. UAE must respect the international resolutions on the Arab-israel conflict which israel have never complied with. Recognizing israel means to accept the criminal atrocities israel has committed against the Palestinians for more than 7 decades.

5. UAE must foresee the serious security implication of its deal with israel and the US within the context of middle east region and the world.

6. UAE must not allow to be tool of the US and zionist israel to divide the Muslims and to suppress the rights of the Palestinians.

7. World Muslim leaders must convey a strong rejection to the normalization deal between UAE and israel.

8. Islamic Organization worldwide to launch a boycot campaign against UAE – israel normalization deal.

▪Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations

Coordinator Asean Coliation for Palestine

▪Datuk Seri Ahmad Awang
Chair Alliance of World Mosque in Defence of Al Aqsa.

▪Datuk Wira Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chair of Secretariate for Ulama Assembly of Asia

▪Mohideen Abdul Kader
Director Citizen International

▪Syed Shekh Al Attas
President SEJAGAT, Malaysia

▪Agus Sudarmaji
Chair Al Aqsa Working Group, Indonesia

▪Dr Arifin bin Jumakhan
Deputy Chairman
Council for Humanitarian Networking Shekhul Islam Office, Thailand

▪Jamal Abdul Nasir
Justice and Humanitarian Association of Cambodia

▪Zaw Min Aung @ Ibrahim bin Ali (Advisor), Southern Arakan Social & Welfare Community, Myanmar.

▪Dr. Zulfikar J. Abantas
Director IV
Regiónal Director
National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)
Región 9 Zamboanga Península , Philippine

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