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Declaration of Consensus Islamic Ngos Addressing International Issues of the Ummah 1442 H

In Name of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Beneficient

Today on the 2nd Muharram 1442 H / 22nd August 2020, a group of national Islamic Ngos , activists and scholars gathered here at Shah Alam, Selangor declare that :

REALIZING the crisis that had befallen Muslims world wide is very serious and severe. Muslims fall victim to the hegemony of Western powers and the international Zionist agenda.

2. RECOGNIZING the need for Islamic work to be more organized , well structured and strategic to alleviate the ummah from the crisis and to face an increasingly complex challenges.

3. UNDERSTAND how internal weaknesses among Muslims themselves contribute to the worsening crisis. The critical crisis of the ummah stems from disunity, cultural degradation, malpractices, mismanagement of state resources, breach of trust, dictatorial rulers, and leadership weaknesses.

3. TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the existence of a diversity of movements among local, regional and international Islamic NGOs. This diversity needs to be harnessed and shared.

4. CONSIDERING how Islamic NGOs need to strengthen their funding need to mobilize various effective initiatives related to the issues of the ummah such as humanitarian relief, welfare, da’wah, education, family development and the nurturing of the young generation, strengthening organizational management and capacity, uplifting organizational weaknesses.

5. COGNIZANT on the many international Islamic bodies, but are still not able to defend the fate of the oppressed, marginalized, denied of human rights and religious rights, genocide, ethnic cleansing and discrimination. International Islamic agencies such as OIC, IDB, Rabitah Islami, IIFSO, WAMY, International Islamic Charity Organization, Muslim World League..ect have not been effective.

We hereby agreed that we will endeavor in the following initiatives :

1. SYNERGIZING our entire capacity to address various issues of the ummah at the local , national , regional and international levels.

2. DRAW a clear action plan and share insights towards liberating and redeveloping oppressed Muslims.

3. FORMING a framework and a mechanism in developing effective Islamic da’wah in strategic countries.

4. BUILD an effective network of Islamic bodies worldwide to synergize in mobilizing advocacy works to resolve conflicts between Islamic countries.

5. DEVELOP a team of committed and disciplined Islamic workers internationally to mobilize their resources in defence of the oppressed Muslims.

6. STRENGTHEN the economy of the ummah and advance the capacity of Islamic dakwah in their funding , internationally through an economic endeavors that can organize a strong halal business ventures which includes the reaching out the international halal market.

7. ESTABLISH a world halal banking platform to address the issue of Muslims being controlled by international financial institutions and systems.

8. ESTABLISH an international Islamic media that can fend off Western propaganda and address the challenges of Islamophobia.

9. FORMULATE a functioning secretariate to initiate a joint effort amongst internationally reknown scholars and activists with a vision to create a new world order based on the Islamic teachings and Quranic guidance.

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