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We call Joe Biden , the newly re-elected 46th President of the US to review its role in the Palestinian struggle and to revoke its support to israel.

Prime Minister of israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, message of support for Donald Trump goes to show how Trump was the life line for Netanyahu political career. Israel has fully capitalized on Trump’s unreserved support for israel’s brutal policies on Palestine.

Biden must show his willingness not only to unite Americans, but should declare US role to revoke all US-israel policies that has violated all human rights and international laws which have inflicted sufferrings on the Palestinians for more than 7 decades.

He should realize that the US is not only deeply divided in the most heated election of the US presidential election, but US has, all this while , divided the world by its foreign policies. Its inclination to unilaterally act on nations by sanctioning and undermining the sovereignty of countries , must stop.

US has played a major role in orchestrating world institutions according to its interest and the interest of the Zionist agenda.

Manipulating the multilateral and transnational agencies : UN agencies, UNSC, NATO, G8,OIC, APEC, IMF, world Bank, have created an unjust world order.

Biden must shift US foreign policies with the interest of creating a just world , not under the hegemony of the western powers.

US’s diverse conflict with countries around the world including its proxy wars , trade wars, denying climate change treaties and accords, military and defense interventions under Trumps’s American First policy, US military bases around the world, cannot be pursued further anymore.

World must be freed from US policy of foreign intervention. Enough of US and Zionist grand plan of subjugating and exploiting weak nations.

US has only itself to blame for the highest Covid-19 cases and casualties in the world. Unless US shows a little degree of humility to work together with the world community and the health scientists , the situation could have been better.

We reserve our congratulation note to Biden untill he pronouces his policies on the world conflicts involving US.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )

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