We welcome the International Criminal Court which ruled on Friday that it has jurisdiction over war crimes or atrocities committed in the Palestinian Territories by israel, paving the way for a criminal investigation, despite Israeli objections.

This decision has been overdue. Just because israel and the US has been vetoing any verdict on israel’s crimes, ICC has been blocked to initiate a legal probe.

ICC can no longer excuse itself from kicking off a criminal trial against israel once the investigation is  completed.

We affirm that there is no more space for reconsideration as ICC is the last resort for seeking accountability and justice for the Palestinians. All members of ICC must rally to suppport the decision.

It is absolutely clear that the decision was based on jurisdictional rules in its founding documents. Israel do not have any right to question the decision as Palestine is a party in the Rome Statute.

Israel’s rejection of ICC’s  jurisdiction is not suprising. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that the decision is anti-sematic is preposterous. 

Genocide, mass murder, robbing of land and farms,  destruction of homes, deceptions and distortion, torture, extra judicial killings, denial  and violation of human rights .. are these anti-semetic ?

We condemn unequivocally israel’s furthering and championing of its right to criminal actions.

The ICC cannot delay from proceeding an investigation and  file charges to prosecute crimes against humanity by israel.

Netanyahu’s declaration to fight against the decision with all its might, is short of saying it is preparing for war. The world community must show solidarity to pressure ICC to proceed with the investigation and should not relent. 

If israel launches an assault on any of its adversaries and not complying with ICC’s investigation, then the world community must impose a collective response.

We also affirm the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, that there was a “reasonable basis” to open a war crimes probe into Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip as well as Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank.

The decision by the Court’s territorial jurisdiction in the situation in Palestine , extends to the territories occupied by Israel since 1967, namely Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem is correct.

The israeli’s actions during its 2014 war against Palestinian in the Gaza Strip, as well as Israel’s construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank and annexed east Jerusalem are undisputed facts of crime.

The only appropriate  step is to launch an official investigation into Israel’s crimes against Palestine.

We register our stand , that the International Criminal Court’s decision is a victory for rights, justice, freedom and moral values in the world. 

Israeli Netanyahu’s objection is outrageous. ICC should use its maximum jurisdiction power to reject israel’s counter claims.

We stand in solidarity with international human rights groups and Human Rights Watch,  calling it a “pivotal” decision.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Therefore a real hope for justice after a half-century of impunity should now proceed.

It is not a suprise that even with the Biden’s administration, the US, voiced its “serious concerns” 

The US is permenantly bias towards any decision that jeopardises israel’s interest even israel is brazenly guilty of war crimes. For US , justice serves only for the aggressor, which is israel.

We believe, not only Israeli personnels are complicit, the whole government of israel is criminal.

The court’s jurisdiction  should not be reserved only for countries that consent to it or are referred by the UN Security Council. The fact that israel has been slapped with multiple resolutions by the UN is enough for the ICC to launch a probe on its crimes.

Israeli’s settlements in the West Bank are undoutedly illegal under international law. What have the international community done to stop israel’s impunity. The illegal settlements are itself a crime against international law.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Counsultative Council of Islamic Organizations (MAPIM)

Cordinator Asean People’s Coalition for Palestine

Datuk Seri Syekh Ahmad Awang
Chair, Alliance of World Mosques In Defence of Al Aqsa ( MANAR )

Datuk Wira Syekh Abdul Ghani Samsudin
Chair , Secretariate for Ulama Assembly of Asia  (SHURA)

Mohideen Abdul Kader
Director of Citizens International

Syed Syekh Al Atas
Secretary, Malaysia – Palestine Secretariate 

Imam Yakhsyallah
Al Aqsa Working Group, Indonesia

Jamal Abdul Nasir
Presiden Justice and Development Association, Cambodia.

Dr Zulfikar Jubantas
Muslim Affairs Commission
Zamboanga, Philippines.

Dr Arifin Thaipratan
Secretary General , Council of Humanitarian Network, Syeikhul Islam Office Thailand

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