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We read with deep concern a piece “Indian nefarious plans in Kashmir” by Raies Mir.

The grave situation is worsening not only by the brutal atrocities of the Indian military forces but by also the administrative changes by the Delhi authorities in the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir ( IIOK ).

Placing non-Kashmiris on high positions since August 5, 2019 is a way to strangle all resources of the Kashmiris through administrative measures.

Controlling all vital seats of the administration in IIOK with BJP officials with RSS mindset , effectively grips Kashmir by the neck to a point of chocking the Kashmir local economy with no space to breath.

The nefarious measures even go as far as evicting aboriginal Kashmiris from their natural resources.

Cordon and search operations under the pretext of crackdown on “terrorist” have targetted thousands of young Kashmiris and they are taken in without trial.

The Indian fascist Modi’s government is now working to decimate whatever is left for the basic survival of the local Kashmiris.

India is not only illegally occupying Jammu and Kashmir but is now applying an apartheid system turning Kashmiris into beggars and slaves.

India has completely ignored Kashmir as a recognised international disputed territory and therefore no India crafted laws can be imposed on it.

The people of Kashmir has struggled hard to resist knowing well that they are counting days to survive with a bleak reality between life and death.

The situation needs a drastic halt of the ongoing oppression and only an international action will safe Kashmiris from total annihilation.

India wants to paralyse the Kashmiri people politically and economically. The international community cannot stand as silent observers.

Every voice counts. Every action means saving a life of each Kashmiris.

IIOK is now witnessing a scandalous operation by India to occupy all economic sector to the minute details.

Public and private construction projects are now under the cartel of non-Kashmiri Hindutva contractors.

The idea is to reap off all resources of the Kashmir Valley and weakened local economy , slow down construction projects and turn Kashmiris into a jobless populace.

The cartel is now in the hands of Indian Hindutva RRS, BJP’s Amit Shah’s son.

The market is manipulated to an extend that the economic rational is been organised into a mafia like
operation where all contracts flows only from one source.

The article depicts the erroneous economic exploitation by India which has impacted the cost of living to rocket in Kashmir.

600,000 Kashmiri construction labourers involved in construction work are now at the mercy of BJP contractors.

Building materials are in shot supply , making construction extremely expensive and many projects come to a halt.

The Jammu and Kashmir Central Contractors Coordination Committee have to deal with the BJP governor’s administration.
which have made public and private works in a precarious situation.

Raw materials are scarce because of the ban on gravel and sand and locals are facing severe hardships.

This measure is deliberate. The India government wants to make Kashmiris to kneel for mercy and thereby give up their struggle for freedom.

We salute the Kashmiris for their spirit of resoluteness and to reaffirm their determination.

Despite of almost a Palestine like situation , Kashmiris share the same sense of never giving up to continue their legitimate rights for freedom and a life of dignity.

We believe that only a concerted international pressure can dislodge the oppressive Indian regime from continuing its anti-Kashmir evil plot.

It is not only about restoring Article 370 and 35-A but to reclaim the Kashmiri’s right to self-determination , freedom and total independence.

And even more significant is the Kashmir and India conflict should be refered back to the UN resolutions.

We see this as a fundamental step for a permenent solution. Jammu and Kashmir must be free from the grip of New Delhi and its military forces.

Depriving the people of Kashmir from their democratic and political rights will have a consequence of a long unending battle. The resoluteness of the Kashmir freedom fighters have proven to be unperturbed.

We stand in solidarity with Jammu Kashmir to pursue for a dignified freedom.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations ( MAPIM )

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