We are outraged by the current development in Assam , India. The eviction and police firing on civilians including children is barbaric to say the least.

We condemn the police indiscriminate shooting in Gorukhuti village in Sipajhar Revenue Circle under Darrang district of Assam, in which two people were killed.

The scene captured on video of a policemen stomping on the body of a victim who was shot by the police is barbaric and uncivilised.

The inhuman and brutal savagery is beyond words.

We express our outrage on the forceful eviction of the poor from the land where they have been living for decades.

The high handedness of the police under the tutelage of the BJP government in handling the protest by the Muslim community is unbecoming of India , which prides itself as being the biggest democracy in the world.

Its agenda of stripping of citizenship of Muslims accusing them as ‘encroachers’ and ‘illegal immigrants’ from Bangladesh, cannot be a unilateral decision outside the ambit of the law.

The eviction exercise which has left more than 800 families comprising 5000 people homeless is merciless and inhuman.

India is taking a wrong and a vicious path that is fanning communal tension. The hate campaign targeting Muslims will reverberate into an unending conflict that will not augur well for secular India.

The landless poor citizens are illtreated . They are victims of a policy that perpectuate hatred amongst the Muslim-Hindu communities under the pretext of complying to the citizenship law.

In the current pandemic situation, eviction of the vulnarable poor is in direct violation of human rights since no arrangment for alternative rehabilitation facilities is secured.

We call for the Indian government to stop the unjust and inhuman measures in dealing with the Muslim community.

The brutal action must stop and the policemen responsible for the open firing and killing 2 protestors must be investigated and brought to the court of law.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
President MAPIM

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